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Male and Female Back-Up Dancers Needed (Houston, TX)

Looking for 6 back up dancers (4 female, 2 males) for up and coming female singer out of the Houston, TX Area. 6 dancers will be needed/on hand while only 2-4 dancers will perform on stage (Performance dancers will be switched out every other show. If you aren’t performing for a certain show you may need to be on call in case someone cant make it. Bigger performances will call for all 6 dancers at once. You will be given notice). Responsibilities include practice once a month or so, practice on your own, travel to performances/events, and staying fit. Benefits: Experience for resume, free artist/non-artist affiliated merchandise and attire, free admission to clubs and events, out of town/state traveling expenses, and more.

The job is non-paying, but not too demanding. Because it is non-paying we try to make it as little time consuming for you as possible. You will have roughly 1 practice a month (the first month will probably include 3 to learn choreography) and rehearsals the day before a performance (only the dancers that will be at the performance) as well as the day of. Performances will start at the end of April and are mainly weekends, so please only audition if you are free.

Ages 16+ If under 18 you will need parent guidance to all events at your own travel/time expense.
Females – 5’7+
Males – 5’9+
Fit/In Shape
Hip Hop and/or B-Boy style of dancing
Must know how to freestyle as well as do choreographed work
Quick Learner
Dance in heels (girls)

Professional training and performance experience preferred, but not required.

If you meet the requirements and are okay with the conditions listed above, send an email to be put on the list to get information about the open casting call. The auditions will be at 3806 Live Oak Street, Houston, TX. The date and time TBD. You must come with 1 prepared dance/freestyle and you will learn a small choreographed bit that you must learn and perform the day of.

Although this is non-paying, it is only non-paying as long as the artist is doing free gigs. Once pay is involved, performance dancers will be paid and they will be the first broken off.

To get the open call casting notice send an email.





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