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Casting teen actress for dark comedy “Kids In The Woods” – Spring, TX

Casting / Audition Details:
“Kids In The Woods” is an extremely low budget, comedically dark stab at the slasher genre. In the same way the Big Lebowski lampooned all the classic tropes of hard boiled detective stories, we want to do the same and make something that’s extremely funny while still being a pretty decent thriller.

Laurie, in order to spite her suspicious boyfriend, goes on a trip far away from her downtown Houston home, to the creepy little town of Lowery. She’s there with only one friend and a bunch of other kids she would usually never hang out with. Oh, and there’s a serial killer.

What if a slasher movie too the time to develop all of those idiotic characters who merely serve as bodies to be killed? What if they were the only ones we had left to watch? That’s what I wish to do with this project.

I’m looking for people who are very open, O.K. with profanity and lots of other R-rated material.
I have a perfect location, and most of my actors ready, we’re just missing a few key pieces.

BRI – Female, Black, Senior in High School.
“Bri is Laurie’s best friend, the one who invites her on the trip. She is the most stern of the group, though sometimes also most irrational. She acts almost as a mother figure to the other characters although she really wishes she didn’t have to. Her character is one of many that represents a very specific member of the audience. Bri is the one who DOESN’T go wandering into an empty room by herself. F*ck that, she’d say. It’s just plain dumb”

I’m also looking for any other teen actors who love improv, dark comedy, or just wanna help us out with our little show. This is a comedy first, and thriller second. Practically: “The Gang Gets Hunted by a Serial Killer”.

The comedy will be coming from A) Outlandishly dark situations you would usually NEVER see in a horror film and B) the casual, witty fast paced dialog between very real teen characters.

We want to begin shooting this month. It shouldn’t take us very long to get everything, as I’m used to working on the fly, making internet videos: www.sadlightfilms.com
or www.youtube.com/frogswell.

I will be holding open auditions in the front room of my humble abode, so please contact me if you wish to come and read. If you can’t make it, don’t fret, as I’m more inclined to have a one on one meet at a place like Starbucks. Feel free to contact me anytime.


Casting Calls Categories: Teen Actors Casting Calls
Audition Date: Sat. Aug 13th, starting as early as nine
Project: Open Dark Comedy: Need Black Female Teen
Location: Spring, TX / Houston, TX

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