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Casting Call for the Independent TV Show “Nexus” – Houston, TX

Casting Call Details:
Production title: “Nexus”
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: 2 minutes (Proof of Concept)/ Standard Episodic TV Length (44 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 2K Blackmagic Cinema Camera
Production location: Houston, Texas

Production Company: The Bankrupt Cinema/Narrow Avenue Films

Company website: thebankruptcinema.com

Director: Melvin Harris

Producer: Melvin Harris, Ayanna Harris, Daryan Wilkerson

Audition Location: 4820 Caroline St. Houston TX, 77004

Shooting Location: Houston, West Houston, East Houston

Submissions: Please send all submissions via the submission form below.

Compensation: No/Yes



June 22, 2013 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

(All auditions will be given a specific time within the submission window by Thursday, June 20)

Call Backs: June 25th, 2013 6:00 – 8:00 PM


Nexus is a supernatural horror detective serial. Life in the town of Nexus is rocked by the first murder in the town’s long history, but as Sherriff Gregory Myles and Deputy Faulkner Bright begin their investigation, he uncovers truths that will not only rock the foundation of life as they know it but will also uncover the hellish, nightmarish nature of the town and unleash it on the world.

Character BIOS:

Gregory Miles [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 35-45]

Gregory is extremely clever and an expert on behavior. He is also an expert psychologist and analyst, but he cannot understand emotion. He is not emotionless, but is stumped by the uncharacteristic behavior people show under extreme emotional duress, therefore he is quick tempered and confrontational but doesn’t understand why. He also believes that all life, in any form, is a prison. Living in Nexus represents true freedom for a very pHe is duty bound to Nexus almost to a fault and hides a secret life that could threaten everything he has worked to protect.

Duane Mills [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 35-45]

Duane Mills is a career politician whose charisma and prestige hides a mean streak. He is cunning and vicious. The attainment of more power is his sole motivation. His political life is an embarrassment of riches and he is happily driven by his power to greater and greater heights. His only weakness is his unwillingness to adapt which is its own glass ceiling. He however has a hidden agenda and very powerful allies who have yet to be revealed and want to cultivate the “superior and the special” of the population to allow people to be free to choose what kind of “monster” they will become.

Faulkner Bright [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 27-32]

Faulkner Bright is a deputy of the Sheriff’s department that protects and serves Nexus. He is also engaged in a passionate affair with Dr. Sterling Schorre. Intelligent and handsome, Faulkner is a model cop. He suffers from a rare form of Aplastic Anemia. As such, his doctor has ruled out strenuous activity, but Faulkner eschews the advice in everything, including his love making. He believes in a fad religion called Perennianity which is a subsect of the way of the Abiding Moment. They believe that God lives in the constant now and reality constantly evolves from the space between the ending of every second and the beginning of the next.

Dr. Sterling Schorre [GENDER: FEMALE] [AGE: 27-32]

Sterling is a talent ER doctor at Mills Memorial Hospital. She is married to the brilliant douchbag, Dr. Albert Dieter-Schorre, who pronounces his name Skor-ra because the original, and proper, pronunciation of his last name would give his wife a more beautiful name than he. She and Faulkner have been in a relationship since the 9th grade. They have continued their illicit affair even after they both married. She is an uncompromising woman and rarely smiles. She is stoic with her colleagues and her family alike. She bemoans her miser husband’s frugality and feels underappreciated because she actually is. She is always very well put together loves Faulkner’s ability to “muss her up.” She has a deep longing in her heart for him and a vast ocean of untapped love, but her hunger always causes her grief. She also shares Faulkner’s rare anemia. They attend the same church, unbeknownst to their spouses.

Helynne Michael [GENDER: FEMALE] [AGE: 25-35]

Helynne is a teacher and the backbone of the school board. She is a simple woman whose strength of character and principles have keep the peace in a number of situations. She is a powerful orator and an emotional rock for Gregory, her lover and best friend. She is a non-traditionalist preferring to use creativity and the muses to solve problems. She smokes like a chimney and drinks oceans of alcohol and is notorious for never having a hangover.

Sage Wilheimer [MALE], Charmaine Kelley [FEMALE], Tanner Clark [FEMALE] and Samira Dean [FEMALE] [AGES: 18-20]

They are all seniors at Kelly High School for the Gifted.

Sage is a gifted science major and has an aptitude for botany. The weed they are smoking is his private, seemingly impossibly cultivated strain. He is the second oldest. His birthday made him a year older starting school.

Charmaine is his girlfriend. She is a cheerleader but is bored with her life, hence Sage. She doesn’t really like Sage but is attracted to what he is, different. She plots constantly, even against her friends.

Tanner, a supremely gifted musician, is one of the laziest people in the town of Nexus. Her talent is eclipsed by her apathy. She is an absolutely stunning woman, unnaturally beautiful, but is completely unkempt which makes her undesirable to anyone except those who have really seen her.

Samira Dean is an extremely gifted athlete, which helps because her appetite is voracious. She is a competitive gurgitator however her figure is, spectacular. She is a bisexual sex addict, often engaging in high risk trysts with multiple partners. She is very particular about who she chooses though and knows who is attracted to her. Although she is mellowing out the closer she gets to graduation, her appetites seem to be growing. She is the oldest. Ironically, her notoriously bigoted family held her back for 2 years to protest the hiring of a homosexual teacher at her middle school until they caught her kissing both a boy and a girl in her bedroom the summer of her 8th grade year.

Casting Calls Categories: TV Show Casting Calls / Non-union Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls
Audition Date: Saturday, June 22, 2013
Project: Auditions for the independent TV show “Nexus”
Casting Call Location: Houston, Texas

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