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Actors/Musicians/Singers needed for Original Play “Rotten” – Houston, TX

Casting Call Details:
I am casting for a stage drama that I wrote called “Rotten.” Cast will participate in a workshop phase of the project, meaning we’ll all sit down around a table and read the script so I can make changes and perfect it. After that, we will stat rehearsals and eventually perform it.

This is for people who love to act and have a desire to hone their craft. It is an opportunity to truly get to know a character, make it your own and let it grow as you grow as an actor.

The story is about two groups of high school kids, one group would be considered “rotten,” rule breakers, pot smokers, rebels, screw ups. The others are considered “spoiled rotten,” kids who are part of the elite class and get everything they want. Their stories intertwine as problems of love, jealousy, loss, secrets, labels and stigma cause conflicts in their lives and relationships.

Three characters are musicians and one is a singer. The people cast in these roles must be able to play their assigned instruments. Two actors must be able to play older adults.

Character list:

AMANDA – Age: 16; caring, a supportive friend, a little oblivious “spoiled rotten”

ANDY – Age: 17; BASS PLAYER an occasionally crass jokester, sort of a worrier, “rotten”

ANGEL – Age: 17; SINGER. a beautiful girl with a rough, unfiltered, slightly angry personality, “rotten”

ANNALISE – Age: 17; a frustrated and angry girl in need of support, she often escapes by acquiring material things, “spoiled rotten”

CHARITY- Age 16; a very sweet and bubbly girl, deep and insightful, understanding, a pothead “rotten”

FRANKLIN – Age 16; a playful, joking person with the potential to be serious “spoiled rotten”

HAPPY – Age 18; a guilt-ridden, emotionally tortured boy, a drug addict “rotten”

NICK – Age 17; an initially shallow, selfish boy who undergoes a personality transformation “spoiled rotten”

OWEN – Age 17; DRUMMER. a creatively suppressed boy whose personality and individuality flourishes when he is given the opportunity to express his creativity, “spoiled rotten”

RHOE – Age 17; GUITAR PLAYER. a cool, chill, reasonable and ambitious girl, “rotten”

COUNSELOR – 40’s; a caring man, genuinely interested in helping others

MOTHER/TEACHER – 40’s; Annalise’s mother, a teacher making occasional appearances

Casting Calls Categories: Teen Actors Casting Calls / Musicians Casting Calls / Theater Casting Calls
Audition Date: April 20 & 21 2012 – 4pm
Project: Need actors and actor/musicians for original play
Casting Call Location: Houston/Sugarland TX

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