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Urgent: Seeking Actors for Pilot Presentation at Sony Pictures Studios – Los Angeles, CA

Casting Call Details:
Pilot Presentation at Sony Pictures Studios Seeking Actors

A twenty something navigates through relationships in a technological age and soon discovers the new rules of dating in her quest to find the perfect guy.

Date: January 16th, 2015
Time: 12:30pm-3:30pm
Address: Invitation Only
Location: Los Angeles, CA

January 30th, February 6th

Culver City, CA

Unpaid, IMDB Credit



Marley, female, early 20s, African-American. Marley is an around-the-way girl. She’s funny, ambitious, and intelligent. She’s a hopeless romantic although she’d never admit it. Marley’s very active on social media often posting her personal thoughts and daily activities. Despite her daily interactions on the web, she still believes in traditional dating and hopes to fall in love. Relationship status: Ready to Date

Kai, female, early 20s, ethnicity open. She’s Marley’s roommate and best friend. She’s the ying to her yang. Kai is smart, good-natured, and perceptive. She is often the source of advice for her friends but never takes her own advice when it comes to her life. Fresh off a breakup with her boyfriend, she’s having trouble moving on. Looking back, she regrets that it ended based on the opinions of others. Relationship status: Situationship/Complicated

Ari, female, mid-20s, African-American, sharp, bitingly witty, outgoing, Marley and Kai’s other roommate, type-A personality fueled to new heights of perfectionism by stereotypes attached to her skin color. Relationship status: Over it.

Michael, male, 25, Kai’s ex-boyfriend, good looking, humorous, super opinionated, out of the box. He still cares for Kai but is stubborn about it. He was a playboy in college but changed his spots for Kai.

Kevin, male, early 20s, ethnicity open. Marley’s senseless Tinder date. Think he’s God’s gift to women. Geeky, dresses in outdated trends.

*This pilot presentation is a part of a trainee program taking place on a Sound Stage at Sony Pictures Studios. This will be professionally shot and viewed by Sony personnel. Shooting will take approximately 6 hours.

Please submit headshot and credits.

Casting Calls Categories: Non-union TV Pilot
Audition Date: 01/16/15
Casting Call Location: Los Angeles, California

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