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Urgent Casting Call for “Bruce” Audio Drama (Nationwide)

Casting Call Details:
Project: Audio Drama
Location: Nationwide


Hi, I’m Jay W. Eccent. I am looking for two female roles for an audio drama called Bruce about a haunted manor with a secret.

Characters needed are as follows.

Audra Skullary: A medium with an uppity attitude and a son of whom she treats as a slave. She is very approachable and is a showman when it comes to her craft. She is kind when she feels she needs to be but will just as soon stab you in the back if it meant getting coin in her pocket.

Bretta Kane: Bretta has an Irish accent and is very sweet. However she is quick to temper when her american husband is messed with by Audra. She loves and supports him so much but is a skeptic when it comes to paranormal activity. However her man, Jim is a firm believer and has formed a small ghost hunting company with his wife.


For free you can download Audacity

Make sure everything is turned off when recording.

AUDRA: I need the voice of a woman who seems kind but shallow and almost inhuman. “Classic Disney Maleficent Style” and air to her voice and someone who thinks she is better than everyone else. She loves her son but is very abusive, manipulative and treats him as an underling. Put some love in your voice when you talk to your son but keep your holier than thou attitude in your voice.

Bretta: You have a very kindhearted voice. Your happy and stand by your man 100 percent. However you are fiery and mean when you have to be. Your voice must resemble that of Irish or Scottish decent.
Your very skeptical about the paranormal.


Record a reading of the following lines and send them by E-Mail here



To son after he back talks her.

“Don’t you ever speak to me like that again.”

To Bretta after she expresses her distrust in Audra

“Oh yes we’re all friends here, Bretta. can’t we all just get along? NOTE: Sarcastic and stuck up.

To Jim after he asks her a question.

“For the seance you fool!”


After Jim asks if they are ready to go.

“Yes Jim. Kane enterprises is on its way.” NOTE: Your character is very supportive and loves to help.

After Audra says something to her.

“You know I’m just gonna bite my lip and pretend you said nothing to me.
” NOTE: You take on a fake and sarcastic happy tone to your voice, gritting your teeth.

After a fight with her husband

BRETTA: Ooh, I’m so mad at him I could spit nails. Jim can be as thick as manure, but only half as useful sometimes. NOTE: She is alone.

If you are picked you will receive an email with notes and the full script.

Since I have no money I can pay you with getting your foot in the door. We are just doing this for fun and entertainment after all. Your name will be in the credits and you will get to plug your facebook, youtube, portfolio, site or whatever you want others to check out but make it short please when you do. It will all be in the credits.

Each one will get there own teaser trailer for Bruce made mainly for the character they will play.

Thank you for your time, I will await your auditions.

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