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“Untitled” Sci-Fi Short Film

“Untitled” Sci-Fi Short Film

Early 40s to Mid 50s look
Lean/Fit build
Rugged and rough look

This is a short Sci-Fi film being shot for festival
circuit. There is a small budget and a small but
talented crew. Shooting will consist of two to three
days, at most. Production begins in Late May and all
shooting will take place in the desert. There is
little to no dialogue so the part relies heavily on
facial expressions and body language. This is the
perfect part for an actor who is adding to his reel or
wants to be apart of something different. There is no
pay but all expenses will be paid for. Again this is a
simple short with a small crew and the short will be
sent to festivals.

About me:
Director/Producer, I have been working on independent
projects for about four years and have supported
myself by shooting other peoples projects. Feature
films, festival shorts, documentaries, music videos,
I’ve worked on many productions but this is my
production. I am shooting this because I want to.
There is no pay for me or anyone involved, everyone
involved in this project is doing so because they love
what they do.

Send Resumes/Headshots to: benjie@beanjay.com

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