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Seeking Attractive Actresses and Actors for internet series

“GOING FOR BROKE”, Internet Project, SAG (Pending)
Shoots Sept 19th, Unpaid
This show will be a half hour internet series. This project will be shooting primarily on weekends starting September 19th.

We are looking for Attractive Actresses and Actors, from 21 – 35 for 8 full episodes. The show is drama based with some comic relief. It has well developed characters and lead rolls open. There will be no nudity in this project, but there will be some simulated sex scenes.


TAMIKA JACKSON: Age 32. Ethnicity: Black. (Series regular) Tamika, is the attractive wife of Maurice. They have one child together, 7 year old Reya. Tamika, was very supportive of Maurice’s acting career but was relieved and very happy when Maurice gave up his acting career in order to do something that would provide a steady income. Tamika, is a stay at home mom.

SARA WALKER: Age 30. Ethnicity: Any. ( series regular) Sara is a very intelligent and attractive psychiatrist. After sleeping with Calvin, she learns something about him that makes her want to end their intimate relationship and only focus on their doctor patient relationship.

APRIL GOMEZ: Age 22. Ethnicity: Black or Hispanic. (recurring) April is extremely attractive and sexy. Her sex appeal doesn’t come from revealing clothes or anything like that. It comes from her self confidence. April is Maurice’s ex secretary and she has a big crush on him. She is a fan of Maurice’s from his acting days. April quits her regular job to pursue her acting dreams and ends up auditioning for Maurice’s movie and turns out to be a very very talented actress.

NIKKI: Age 31. Ethnicity: Black/Mixed. (recurring) Nikki is the attractive ex wife of Bryce. Nikki and Bryce have a 10 year old son together. Nikki is trying t move on with her life but finds it hard with Bryce watching her every move.

DAWN: Age 32. Ethnicity: Black (recurring) Dawn is Tamika’s best friend.

VIVIAN: Age 25-28. Ethnicity: Any (recurring) Vivian is a well known actress who the fellas try to use to get Lincoln of their film as director.

RECEPTIONIST: Age 24-30. Ethnicity: Any (recurring) The receptionist for Sara Walker.

SAM: Age 26-30. Ethnicity: Any (possible recurring) Sam is the bartender at the bar where Lincoln first meets the fellas.

Send pix and resumes by 8/27 to:

150 S. GLENOAKS BLVD. #9308

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