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Seeking actors to work on a sitcom Webisode

First Impression Entertainment is looking for specific actors/actresses with experience/credits to work on a sitcom Webisode.

You will be working with high profile seasoned actors at the last week of Jan 09…exact dates TBD.

Pay is $100 per day, and the exposure will be great.


FEMALE / Sexy Blonde / 20’s. Your typical California Blonde/Blue eyes, or German/Danish. Cute and bubbly, naive and innocent. Credits and comedy exp a plus!

MALE / Israeli/Indian/ Persian / 20’s – 30’s. Fast talking telemarketer! Can sell sand to an Arab, or ice to an eskimo. Must have comedy experience and be a good actor. Credits a plus. A great role!

FEMALE / Latina Diva / Mexican/Spanish / 20’s. Secretary. Sexy….hot. ..with a wise ass attitude. Must have a Spanish accent…or can do one. Think Rosie Perez and Penelope Cruz combined. Comedy/acting credits needed. Funny, great role.

MALE / Caucasian / 30’s. Flamboyantly gay. Quick witted. Another telemarketer. Comedy exp and credits are a plus.

MALE / Mixed African American and White / 30’s. Think Obama. Handsome/smart/ educated with an English accent…or can do one. Must be able to do another accent as well. EX Rapper/Home boy (rapping skills NOT required). Need acting experience and Comedy chops.

email your headshot and resume to:

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