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Seeking actors for student film “Reminisce”

“REMINISCE”, SAG Student Film, California Lutheran University Film Project
Writer/Director: Mike Christensen
Shoots 11/1 in California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA
copy, credit, meals

Synopsis: Terry has just been dumped by his girlfriend. Trying to get a little perspective, he goes to his high school reunion and runs into Hannah, ‘the girl who got away.’ They reconnect, and decide to dig up a time capsule they buried as a class project with their friend Patrick. As they dig it up, they start flashing back to high school, and the drama that unfolded between them all.

Sides, characters, and contact info at www.clufilm.com


TERRY PATTERSON: Male, 28. Terry is a middle school art teacher. He’s slightly goofy, but in a charming way. He also hasn’t done a whole lot of dating since Hannah shot him down in high school. Was about to propose to Liza when he gets dumped at the opening of the movie.

HANNAH THOMPSON: Female, 28. One of Terry’s best friends from high school alongside Patrick. Terry and Hannah almost dated senior year, but she ended up choosing Patrick instead, who she dated until halfway through college. She is a paralegal at a decent law firm, but has no idea why.

PATRICK HUNTER: Male, 28. Since high school he has become the head of a Fortune 500 company. Also, has become kind of a jerk. Thinks he is too busy to help Hannah and Patrick dig up old memories.

YOUNG TERRY: Male, 18. Very similar to adult Terry, only 10 years younger. Best friends with Hannah and Patrick. Crushing hard on Hannah.

YOUNG HANNAH: Female, 18. Best friends with Terry and Patrick. Aware both are interested in her, and trying to choose her next move carefully.

YOUNG PATRICK: Male, 18. Somewhat mature for his age. Best friends with Terry and Hannah. Also has a crush on Hannah, although much better at handling it than Terry is.

JAMES SEIKE: Late 20’s to early 30s, Male. Terry’s present-day best friend and roommate. An English teacher at the same middle school Terry works at.

LIZA: Late 20’s to early 30’s. Terry’s girlfriend at the opening of the film. Dumps him because she doesn’t take him very seriously.

ASHLEY: Female, 18. An attractive girl in Terry’s grade. She gets drunk at the school dance where Terry and Hannah ‘break up,’ and Terry gives her a lift home. Not exactly of the ‘in crowd,’ but definitely higher on the social totem pole than Terry is.

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