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Seeking actors for staged reading for a comedy “Boomers Rock”

30 frames per second, inc.
Director / Writer: Gailee Walker
Independent Film with possible SAG contract.

Boomers Rock is a quirky comedy in the style of the film Juno or the television series Boston Legal. There will be an initial public reading on October 3rd in San Luis Obispo as the script was given a grant from the San Luis Obispo Arts Council. Actors cast from LA will be provided lodging, gas, food and $50 for the reading. The film project will begin shooting in 2009.

Boomers Rock is about dysfunctional American families and the magic of being a Baby Boomer with a message of living life through the wonder of a child.


MARSHALL: Late 20’s early 30’s – A documentary film maker. Raised by parents who are surfers. Lives life through the wonder of a child. Is making a documentary about Baby Boomers.

JULIE: 24 – Hispanic. A graduate of Harvard law. Learned English at the age of five by reading Martha Stewart Living in the kitchen of the house where her mother was a maid. Brilliant, intelligent. Has humor.

BARBARA: 40’s, Ashlin’s sister. Tough lawyer. Bi-polar-perimenapa usal-fond of Xanax. Brunette. Is described by her husband, Charles, as “a ball buster on rocket fuel.” She must have humor.

CHARLES: Late 50’s – Barbara’s husband. An English professor who hates his work now that no one in America cares about the English language, hates his life, and his choices. Is transformed by The Black Eyed Peas, “Where Is the Love.”

JADE: 16 – Appears on Ashlin’s 50th birthday and says she’s Ashlin’s daughter. Full of energy, spunk, and longing to belong to a family. When the eggs and sperm of strangers meet, a wonder named Jade is created.

Send pix and resumes by 08/30 to:


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