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Seeking actors for SAG short film “7 Seconds”

“7 Seconds”, SAG Short Film Contract
Director/Producer: Jeffrey Obrow


PAUL REYNOLDS: 46, THE LEAD. Paul is a handsome older man who is stuck in a rut. He is cynical yet hopeful. He feels like a leader in his own right, especially on the morality front, trusting his gut instinct to solve problems easily. He’s not an overly nice man, but deep down he is kind and loving. Think HUGH LAURIE FROM HOUSE. PAYS SAG LOW BUDGET FILM RATE

JAKE: A handsome, sexy surfer dude with long blond hair. 20 – Jake is a laid back, chilled out guy. He is the skate boarder type on the exterior and he really looks to the older men in his life for guidance. He is trust worthy and wants what’s best for everyone.

LEO: Late 60s – early 70s, a kind, sweet soul. He is optimistic, a true friend to everyone.

MAX: Chinese or Korean, a Kim Jong Il lookalike. 45 to 50 years old — Max has a highly addictive personality. He talks fast and with purpose. He always sees the goal set out in front of him. He is sure of himself and his decisions, and likes to have things his own way. A definite character anything but run-of-the-mill.

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