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Seeking actors for non-union staged reading

“THE OP”, Staged Reading, NON-UNION
Producer: Stuart Altman, Starts Oct 7, 2008
Reading of award-winning screenplay for Film Industry Network 6th Annual Competition


KERMIT, JR.: Late 20s, nerdy, horn-rimmed glasses, professorial yet adventurous, boyishly enthusiastic, dark-haired

POLLY: Mid 20s, flapper-esque, quick-witted, protective, light hair

KERMIT SR.: Late 40s, paunchy, mustache, the “smart drunk,” fierce

DONOVAN: Late 40s, Irish bulldog, humorous, violent, can swing moods on a dime

DULLES: Early 40s but looks older, more refined, Brahmin

MOHAMMED REZA: Mid 20s, kingly, imperial, dark-haired twin of Ashraf, also vulnerable, weak (Persian)

ASHRAF: Mid 20s, cruel Iranian beauty, dark-haired, “the Black Panther” (Persian)

MOSSADEQ: Mid 60s, bundle of bones, twitchy, bent, but not as weak as he plays (Persian)

ZAHEDI: Mid 40s, stiff, stern Iranian general, won’t budge an inch (Persian)

MONTY: Early 30s, upper-crust, bit of a playboy (British)

Send pix and resumes by 09/10 to:

12706 VENICE BLVD. #30

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