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Seeking actors for Non-Union Feature Film “Untitled Ski Cabin Movie”

Starts 12/1/08 – 2/1/09 (Total 24 days of shooting) in LA, Colorado
Director: Eric Badros
Deferred Pay, Copy, Credit, Meals, Travel

Story Line: A group of college friends reunite at a ski cabin after ten years to find that they still have some conflicts to resolve. (COMEDY/DRAMA)

Project Notes: Principal creative is an award-winning USC-MFA alum director (Young Directors Award – Cannes 2005, ADDYs) seeking to create a feature film in the vein of THE BIG CHILL, RODGER DODGER that will showcase the talents of the actors with smart, funny writing and solid direction.


Taylor: Lead / MALE / 27 TO 32
TAYLOR, 29, thoughtful, lovesick, leading man – a little too loyal for his own good.

Jason: Lead / MALE / 26 TO 33
JASON, 29, All-American, reformed hedonist and born again Christian, a family man, he’s conflicted over the rigors of his religion. Married to JENNA.

Alex: Lead / MALE / 26 TO 33
ALEX, 29, mature, sophisticated, wealthy, gay, and terribly lonely. He’s in love with a married man – JASON.

Dave: Lead / MALE / 26 TO 33
DAVE, 29, a philosophical stoner, who has made peace with the world and rejects the traditional roles society has placed on him.

Mitch: Lead / MALE / 26 TO 33
MITCH, 29, pretentious – he desperately needs a big investment to save his business and his marriage. Married to STACY.

Brett: Lead / MALE / 26 TO 33
BRETT, 29, a sleezeball, willing to sell out his friends at a moment’s notice. He’s an intellectually challenged mastermind. Dating ALLIE.

Sid: Supporting / MALE / 26 TO 33
SID, 26, a criminal sidekick, too interested in having fun to realize the implications of his crimes.

Chesterfield: Supporting / MALE / 30 TO 35
CHESTERFIELD, 32, emotionally controlling businessman, engaged to HEATHER.

Send pix and resumes by 08/22 to:

Woven Pictures
621 S. Spring St., Ste. 1001
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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