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Secret Rose Theatre: Auditions for “The Seven”

Non-Union Theatre
Secret Rose Theatre
Rehearsals start late June. Show run is August 15-17.

The Seven is a collection of seven scenes and monologues, each based off of one of the seven deadly sins. The breakdowns below are listed according to the name of each piece.


PURE – One man explores why his taste for women has grown increasingly younger as he has gotten older.

MAN: 20s – early 30s, has an infatuation with underage girls (NOTE: This piece is a monologue which analyzes the emotional psychology of a child molester, so must be comfortable with somewhat sensitive subject matter.)

BLINDED – An abstract piece focusing on an affair revealed

MAN IN CHAIR: Bound to a chair, eyes taped shut, struggling. Listens to his wife as she is in the process of having an affair

WALKING MAN: Age open. Mysterious figure, well built, moves well physically, must have excellent control of body movement

V.O. MALE: Carrying on an affair with a married woman. (This role is done entirely in voice-over which will be recorded before the show run. Must be okay with a simulated sex scene done in voice-over – i.e. moaning, etc.)

V.O. FEMALE: Cheating on her husband while he is away on business. (This role is done entirely in voice-over which will be recorded before the show run. Must be okay with a simulated sex scene done in voice-over – i.e. moaning, etc.)

MESH – Two sisters. Complete opposites. But when one of them gets dumped by her boyfriend, she must confide in her sister

CHERYL: 18-25. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark clothes, dark everything. A goth and/or punk kid, the type who lights candles and listens to emo music while writing poetry in her skull and crossbones journal

VANESSA: 18-25. The opposite of her sister. Blonde, beautiful and knows it, popular, spoiled, and highly offended when her boyfriend dumps her for another woman.

LAZY DAY – Johnny shows more attention to video games than his girlfriend and she has finally had enough

JOHNNY: 16-20, gives more attention to video games than he does to his girlfriend

SAMANTHA: 16-20, irritated by the lack of attention her boyfriend shows her and how he has changed from the person she used to know

THY NEIGHBOR’S WIFE – Two married couples take a vacation to a winter cabin together where secrets and lies are revealed

JACK: Mid 20s – late 30s. Married to Milla. Used to have a crush on Lauren

MILLA: Mid 20- late 30s. Jack’s wife. Secretly having an affair with Eddie

EDDIE: Mid 20s – late 30s. Married to Lauren. Having an affair with Milla

LAUREN: Mid 20s – late 30s. Eddie’s wife. Confesses to Jack she wants to end her marriage and run off with him

LOVE/SEX (TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING) – What makes someone a sex glutton?

WOMAN: 18 – 40, has a difficult time separating sex and love. Never likes one-night stands because she always ends up wanting more

MEASURE OF A MAN – What is the price of a human life?

JONATHAN MILLER: 30s – 40s, businessman, shows up to apply for a mysterious job offer

VOICE: Male, 30s-60s, calm, confident, uses the promise of money to test Jonathan’s willingness to let a stranger die. (This role is done entirely off stage.)

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