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Non-union PSA “Morals revised”

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Starts October 8th
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NICOLE’S MOM: Featured / Female / AF American / 38-45
Nichole’s mom is very similar to her daughter. She enjoys life and gets along well with her daughter. They can talk easily. They have just moved into a new area and are getting settled.

NICOLE: Featured / Female / AF American / 16-17
She is very down to earth and is just herself. She is new in school and when one of the other girls creates a confrontation she handles herself well. She knows who she is and just generally gets along with people.

DEBBIE’S PARENTS: Featured / Male or Female / Caucasian, Hispanic, Multi-Ethnic / 35-45
Her father is more withdrawn – very into his work and he often doesn’t hear Bonnie when she talks to him. Bonnie’s mother tries to make up for the communication gap between father and daughter but this is obviously a bit strained.

DEBBIE: Featured / Female / Caucasian, Hispanic, Multi-Ethnic / 15-16
She has a group of friends at school, however she is a smart girl and as such she and her group aren’t so much part of the ‘in’ crowd. She has a crush on Chad.

CHAD’S FATHER: Featured / Male / Caucasian / 40-45
This is Chad’s Father. He’s well off and is more concerned with his current girlfriend (about 20 years younger then him) to pay attention to his son.

CHAD: Featured / Male / Caucasian, Multi-Ethnic / 16-17
He likes showing off and flirting with the girls in school. A fit guy who is definitely one of the more ‘in’ crowd. He is a bit of a cheater and we see him making a cheat sheet before school off of his laptop. His dad is to distracted to notice as he’s always involved with another girlfriend.

FIONA’S MOM: Featured / Female / Asian / 35-40
She is concerned about her daughter and is trying to do what is best for her. She wants to help her but is not sure what is best.

FIONA: Featured / Female / Asian / 15-16
A Goth girl. She enjoys being ‘dark’ with her friends. She also plays the violin and really enjoys this. Ideally can play the violin (at least some basic experience).

JAKE: Featured / Male / Caucasian / 15-16
This is Fiona’s good friend. He is goth himself but keeps an eye on Fiona and keeps her away from the group who like to tease them.

PORTIA’S MOM: Featured / Female / Caucasian / 35-40
This is Portia’s mom. We don’t have much background on her, however we definitely know that mother and daughter fight a good amount.

PORTIA: Featured / Female / Caucasian / 16-17
She is the most popular girl in school. She is always laughing and chatting with her friends, however when we see her at home we see her fighting with her mom, etc. She has a quite despair that she hides behind her popular exterior. Needs to have a wide emotional range.

OWEN’S MOM: Featured / Female / Hispanic / 35-45
She is scolding Owen for something he did to his sister. She is a bit short with her temper.

OWEN’S SISTER: Featured / Female / Hispanic / 8-9
Owen’s younger sister who teases him about his weight. Needs to be able to switch reactions quickly from teasing to upset, etc.

OWEN: Featured / Male / Hispanic / 14-15
Owen is overweight and acts comedic. He is the guy who is always making his classmates laugh. However, when he is alone you can see how insecure he is about how he looks. Needs to have a very good emotional range.

LES’S DAD: Featured / Male / Caucasian / 40-45
He is in an argument with his older son. Needs to be able to be a bit physical.

BRUCE: Featured / Male / Caucasian / 16-17
This is Les’s older half-brother. He is in an argument with their father and then smoking pot around his younger brother. He has a kind of sarcastic mood and acts like he doesn’t care. Has a slightly skin-head look

LES: Featured / Male / Mulatto / 14-15
Les is a slender, talkative type guy who really likes playing video games. He has an older brother who does drugs but is trying not to get pulled into that.

WENDY’S MOM: Featured / Female / Hispanic / 35-40
Wendy’s mother was popular herself in school and is always trying to get her daughter to stop trying so hard.

WENDY: Featured / Female / Hispanic / 16-16
Wendy is the girl who is always trying to fit into the popular crowd. She really wants to be part of the group but is not quite there. She also argues with her mom, etc. Needs to have a good emotional range.

FEATURED KIDS: Featured / Open Ethnicity / 15-17
There are several featured kids that we will see in the halls, cafeteria, etc. These are speaking parts and will reflect the various cliques in the school. From rowdy guys in the halls, guys playing video games, flirty girls, the more goth types, etc.

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