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Musical Theatre West’s production of the musical based on the classic MGM film

AEA ($885/wk)
Director/Choreograp her: Shauna Markey
Musical Director: Jeff Rizzo
Runs 7/11/2008 – 7/27/2008

Musical Theatre West’s production of the musical based on the classic MGM film. All performances at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, Long Beach, CA.

This production will be presented in the MGM style. Imitators of those famous performances will be considered. Fresh approaches to the characters are also welcome. You may sing from the score, but are not required to.


DOROTHY GALE: Female, teens-early 20s to play mid-adolescent (13-15 yrs old). Should have the innocence, curiosity, look and believability of a young mid-west farm girl. Physically petite but no shorter than 5’2″. An amazingly talented DYNAMIC actress/singer with a warm big belt voice and strong soprano/mix. Must be a very coordinated mover/dancer Does dance the Jitterbug. Note: this character does harnessed aerial/ flying.

SCARECROW/ HUNK: Male, early 30s to mid 40s, all ethnicities. SUPERB actor, singer, dancer. High baritone- must sing extremely well while executing limber character choreography. Preferably tall, long and lanky with liquid, elastic agility. HUNK is a slightly goofy farmhand. SCARCROW is well intended, playful, and somewhat child-like in that he only sees what’s immediately in front of him in that exact moment, but is always sincere and earnest.

TINMAN/ HICKORY: Male, late 20s to mid 40s., all ethnicities. An EXCELLENT warm-hearted song and dance man type; easy personality. Great actor with good comic sensibility. Smooth, lyric Baritone. Must be tall, long, and somewhat lanky with good tap & dance skills. HICKORY is the reliable, confident farmhand. TINMAN is stalwart, a good team player who’s always charming, vulnerable, and sincere.

COWARDLY LION/ ZEKE: Male, early 30s to mid 40s, all ethnicities. Character actor/singer/ dancer with EXTRAORDINARY, top of the line comic timing. Large, booming Baritone voice with a good falsetto. A brilliant vaudevillian who has some size and physical stature. Is also a coordinated dancer/mover. ZEKE the farmhand is a goof-off and can be clown like. COWARDLY LION is a grand, blustering show-off who’s really timid and earnestly scared underneath. Sincerity in the shtick is important.

WICKED WITCH/ MISS GULCH: Female, mid 30s to 50s, all ethnicities. A very STRONG character actress who can produce powerful, spine chilling malevolence tinged with wry humor. A great, bluesy Belt voice sings The Jitterbug. MISS GULCH is a snarly, prim spinster school teacher. WICKED WITCH is a grand, demanding, insidious witch with a wicked laugh and presence that makes your blood run cold! However, her wickedness is NOT one-note. She is colorful, interesting to watch, and sometimes even vulnerable. Note: while this is principally an acting role, it is also a very physically demanding role involving singing, dancing, harnessed aerial/flying, pyro effects, and melting into stage smoke. Prefer 5’3″ or taller.

PROFESSOR MARVEL/ GATEKEEPER/ WIZARD OF OZ: Male, plays 50s to late 60s. A character actor with warmth, style, versatility, and a great sense of comic timing. Baritone who sings Merry ol Land of Oz. PROFESSOR MARVEL is a slightly worn-out, yet endearing carnival showman; a good, kind man (not seedy). GATEKEEPER is befuddled, bumbling, and full of mischief. WIZARD is kindly old grandfather type. A little absent minded with a gentle soul. Uses stern omnipotence to cover up his true insecurities.

GLINDA/ AUNT EM: Female, late 30s to 50s, all ethnicities. A very VERSATILE, excellent actress with a beautiful, light, soaring, angelic Soprano/Mezzo Soprano voice. AUNT EM is a plain, grounded, wears the pants in the family farmer. A true pioneer woman with a gruff demeanor but a heart of gold. GLINDA is a stunningly beautiful, sweet, benevolent (and slightly grand) fairy godmother type. Although she is floating and fluffy in appearance, she is definitely wise, centered, and the ultimate provider of unconditional love. Note: this character does do aerial/flying. Prefer 5’3″ or taller.

UNCLE HENRY/ WINKIE GENERAL: Male, mid 40s +, all ethnicities. A great character actor with good comic timing and a STRONG low baritone/bass singing voice. Good coordination & movement. Prefer a somewhat lean look; tall height (around 6′). UNCLE HENRY is a goodhearted, slightly hen-pecked farmer. Although a bit weathered and sometimes sharp with his tongue, he ultimately is a big teddy bear who loves Dorothy and Aunt Em dearly. WINKIE GENERAL is a strong, commanding, stoic, unemotional leader until he’s freed from the wicked witch, at which point we see a completely different side of him.

MALE AND FEMALE DANCERS WHO SING: Strong, sharp, versatile dancers (jazz, ballet, swing) who sing well and/or can carry a tune. Acrobatics and tricks a plus. Ideally looking for dancers under 5’7″, but not exclusively.

LITTLE PERSON SPECIALTY ENSEMBLE: Specifically looking for Union & Non-Union little people with lots of personality to play Nikko (leader of the flying monkeys), Munchkin Royalty and featured Ozians.

Send h/r asap to:

4350 E. 7TH STREET
LONG BEACH, CA 90804-5546

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