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Los Angeles, CA Casting Calls: Seeking Male/Female Actors for short film “That Dirty Hole”

Project: “That Dirty Hole”
Casting Calls Category: Short Film
Location: Santa Monica, CA

Casting Call Details:

1) Male / 25-30 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Michael is gay. Daniel is Michael’s boyfriend and Nora’s brother. Michael is jealous and believes Abraham is trying to seduce Daniel. Daniel – opinionated, assertive, clever, picky and family oriented, Wardrobe: Preppy modern 50’s style

2) Female / 51-60 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Grandma Simpson is Nora’s grandmother. Grandma simpson is George’s mother. Grandma – loud mouth, grouchy, impulsive and funny

3) Female / 25-30 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Liz is Nora’s sister. Liz is in the process of getting a divorced. Liz is Jealous of her sister Nora. Liz would do anything to be main attention. Liz – cocky, sexy, witty, and manipulative

4) Male / 25-30 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Daniel is gay. Daniel is Michael’s boyfriend. Daniel has a slight crush on Abraham, causing his boyfriend Michael to be jealous. Daniel – eccentric, funny, joyful, quick witted and clumsy Wardrobe: Modern 50’s wardrobe with eccentric colors.

5) Female / 41-50 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Joann, is Nora’s mother. Joann has re-united the family for a special occasion, her husband George birthday. Joann will do anything to keep her family happy. Joann – is eccentric, charismatic, joyful, and funny

6) Male / 41-50 Years. / Any Ethnicity
George is Nora’s father. George is about to meet his little girl’s boyfriend for the first time, the same day it’s his birthday. George loves being the main attraction, but on this day the spotlight its on his daughters boyfriend. George – intimidating, quick witted, and family oriented, cocky. Wardrobe: Modern 50’s bowling shirt

7) Female / 18-24 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Nora, is presenting her boyfriend Abraham to her family for the first time. Nora = Self Confident, funny, and quick witted. Wardrobe: Modern 50’s style dress

8) Male / 18-24 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Abraham, is Nora’s boyfriend. Abraham is meeting Nora’s family for the first time. Would like to make a great impression on the family in order to surprise Nora with a marriage proposal. Abraham – Nervous, Polite, Sincere,Charming

Director: Maritza Alexandra Mendoza. This is the story of Abraham. Abraham is visiting Nora’s parents for the first time. Abraham wants to make a great impression in order to surprise Nora and her family with a marriage proposal. Though his plans begin to fail as soon as he looses the ring.

‘That Dirty Hole’, is a dark comedy, short film. The visual style is centered in modern fifty’s, in black and white. For example, it has a semi-look to the 1998 film ‘Pleasantville’. Except ‘That Dirty Hole’ has an eerie atmosphere. The theme is personal repression, a view on how humans dwell with fear and how one projects these fears. That Dirty Hole is estimated to have a run time of 8 minutes.

Casting Calls Categories: Short Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: July 8, 9, 15, 16
Project: That Dirty Hole
Location: Santa Monica, CA

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