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LA Casting call: Non-Union Internet Project “Comedy Western”

Non-Union Internet Project “Comedy Western”
Big Fantastic
Shoots Late July / Early August
$ 125 / day

A new Comedy from Big Fantastic, creators and producers of Cockpit, Prom Queen, & Sorority Forever.



Dale Wilkerson: Lead / Male / Caucasian / 32 – 37 years
Description: Dale is a very dedicated Sheriff who is full of ideas which have influenced modern police tactics but is unaware of their significance. A duel is Dale’s solution for most things and he has a weakness for tequila. He has spent his entire life in the town that he is now the sheriff of. Dale is obsessed with the ocean and wants to travel there but feels that he needs to clean up the streets of his hometown still.

Hazel ‘Hazie’ Chittester: Lead / Female / All Ethnicities / 21 – 31 years
Description: Hazie is a very attractive slender deputy. She was denied work at all the whore house’s in town because she wasn’t curvy enough. She does a lot of undercover work for Dale. Hazel loves animals and started a PETA type organization.
* Must have skinny / slender hips *

Ronnie Carnegie: Lead / Male / All Ethnicities / 21 – 27 years
Description: Ronnie is Dale’s right hand man. He thinks Dale is the most brilliant man ever. He has never fired a gun and refuses to because of his Mormon religion. He has multiple wives and is always adding women to his harem sometimes even by accident.

Malvert Johnson: Co-Star / Male / All Ethnicities / 30 – 37 years
Description: The bad guy and the leader of the town gang. Dale’s arch rival. Malvert used to bully Dale when they were kids and still does now that they’re adults. Dale can never keep him down. His gang always breaks him out of jail. Mal loves to tease Dale about him wetting his bed when he was a kid.

Betsy: Guest-Star / Female / All Ethnicities / 25 – 35 years
Description: The curvaceous and beautiful prostitute that Dale falls for. He wants to get her out of the business but she doesn’t want to leave.
* Big, Bold, and Beautiful a plus *

Teri: Guest-Star / Female / All Ethnicities / 22 – 32 years
Description: Teri is the best shot in the west. She is also a lesbian. And even though everybody knows, nobody bothers to tell Dale who goes on thinking that Teri is actually a really cool guy that gets all the chicks. It’s not that Teri looks like a guy, she is actually a very attractive lady, but she just carries herself with a lot of masculine confidence.
* She is not a drag queen, but strong & beautiful features are a plus *

Send pix/resume to:

Big Fantastic
PO Box 5290
Santa Monica, CA 90409

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