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GSN Hidden Camera Game Show Auditions

LOS ANGELES AREA ONLY: Set up your female friend, co-worker, mom, sister, wife, etc… for a new untitled GSN hidden camera game show. Your friend can win up to $3000 plus prizes! You will get $100 for helping us set her up! You must be comfortable on camera b/c you could possibly be in the episode, as well.

About the show: An ACCOMPLICE sets up a MARK, or the “contestant” to be on the show. This is a family show, so nothing bad is going to happen to them, just WEIRD and unusual stuff happening around them, pushing their buttons. Some of the shows will have the ACCOMPLICE in the bit with the MARK, and in others, the ACCOMPLICE sends the MARK to the location that is needed. (We will have producers working with the ACCOMPLICE to help come up with the stories to get the MARK there.)

On a normal hidden camera show, after the GOTCHA moment, everyone laughs and we move on. On this show, the GOTCHA moment is a host walking out from around the corner and telling them that they are actually on a game show.

The show will be taped in Los Angeles from January 18th until Feb. 4th. Both YOU and the “MARK” MUST live in Los Angeles.

Here are some of the types of people we are looking to put on our show:

– Fun people that can take a good joke
– People that have always wanted to be on a game show
– Non-actors and Non-industry people are a plus

We are working on the following episodes (all take place during the week)

– Ladies Only: Set up your lady friend who would love a free manicure / pedicure at a fancy place (Valley location)
– Single Ladies Only: Set up your other SINGLE LADY friends who would love to find a man via speed dating (Hollywood location)
– Set up your FEMALE friend who would be interested in getting a trainer to shape up or lose about 10 lbs (Valley location)
– Ladies Only: Set up your lady friend who would be interested in taking a pole dancing class with you (Valley location)
– Set up your FEMALE friend who would love to get a free tanning session (Valley location)
– SINGLES ONLY: Set up your SINGLE friend who would love to go see an expert author talk about love (West LA location)
– Set up your WAITRESS / BARTENDER friend who would love to have a catering gig for the day or would go interview for a waiting position (West LA location)

If you have someone or many people in mind, FANTASTIC!

Email us with the following information:

-Stats about yourself (name, age, occupation, where you live, and best number to reach you)
-Stats about the MARK you want to set up (same info as above…PLUS any info we may find interesting esp if it has to do with any of the types stated above)
-Attach a current picture of you as well as the MARK. (It can be a casual photo.)





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