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AEA 99 Seat Plan, Opens OCTOBER 10TH

GOOD BOBBY recounts the formative adult years (1958-1964) of Robert F. Kennedy, one of history’s great “what ifs”. From his battles with Jimmy Hoffa on the Labor Rackets Committee to his stint as Attorney General to the assassination of John Kennedy, RFK struggles to find his own voice and step out of the impossibly enormous shadows created by a domineering father, a larger-than- life brother, and the expectations of a mother who forever believes in the man he ultimately becomes.


ANGIE NOVELLO: 30’s-50 RFK’s secretary. Attractive but not conventionally so. Acutely aware and discerning with a razor sharp dry wit, she has been with Bobby since the beginning, keeps him “on track” and serves as a constant reality check in the eye of the storm, often supplying the “voice of reason”

JOE KENNEDY: 60’s-70; the patriarch of the Kennedy family. Tall, fit, with a commanding presence and an air of wealth and superiority. A man who is not used to hearing the “no.” Joe takes charge of a room the moment he enters. He is intensely devoted to the political success of his sons, placing it above all else. He feels that he, more than anyone possibly could, knows Bobby’s true talents and abilities.

JAMES R. HOFFA: 40’s-50; The famed labor leader. Diminutive in stature, stocky and muscular with a tough-guy bulldog mentality. Values “toughness”in a man above all other qualities. Believes fiercely in his causes and has an extreme loathing for the Kennedys and everything their family stands for.

JOHN MCCLELLAN: 50’s-70; Senator from Arkansas and head of the Labor Rackets Committee investigating Jimmy Hoffa; long-time family friend of the Kennedys, he attempts, unsuccessfully, to persuade Joe against the idea of appointing Bobby to the Attorney General post, then later attempts, successfully, to persuade Bobby to run for the Presidency.

GEORGE FITZGERALD: 40’s-70; attorney for Jimmy Hoffa during his appearances before the Rackets Committee.

ROSE KENNEDY: 60’s-70; the matriarch of the Kennedy family. Beautifully elegant, refined, sophisticated and deceptively intelligent and worldly. Despite a lifetime of acquiescing to a male-dominated society, she does not shy away or back down from her core beliefs, particularly those concerning Bobby and the pedestal on which she places him.

NICHOLAS KATZENBACH: 30; Assistant Attorney General. A Harvard graduate from a well respected family, he is Bobby’s boyhood friend, and maybe the only person in the Justice Department able to speak candidly to him. Staunchly moral and righteous, he often reminds Bobby of who he really is and what he knows, within himself, is the right thing to do.

RICHARD BISSELL: 40’s-70; CIA agent, head of Covert Operations; responsible for the planning of the Bay of Pigs Invasion as well as numerous assassination attempts throughout the world; persistently professes his admiration and respect for the Kennedys, despite the precarious positions Bobby continuously forces him into; a truly sinewy, shadowy figure.

ANATOLY DOBRYNIN: 50’s-70; Soviet Ambassador; a large, imposing man; physically threatening and menacing; he goes head-to-head with RFK in an eleventh-hour meeting during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Russian Actor preferred.

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