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Casting Non-Union Short Film “Obake”

“Obake”, Non-Union Short Film
Shoots December/January in Malibu beach
Pay negotiable
Special Notes: Jules Production is seeking talented, experienced actors for a non-union independent short to be shot in Los Angeles – December/January. Some pay with copy and credit provided as well as a great opportunity to boost your career.

Hawaii’s famous ghost story writer Glen Grant is forced to spend one lonely night on a haunted beach in Hawaii due to his declining popularity as a writer. He is forced to investigate an actual haunting retold by an old Japanese woman who encountered an “obake” – demon spirit on the beach. With the turn of events, Glen Grant discovers something very dark, hidden in paradise.
We currently have the rights to this popular story.


GLEN GRANT: age 48 – Caucasian e.g. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Peter Stomare, Paul Giammati
Glen is a writer/author who specializes in writing Hawaiian ghost stories. At the peak of his illustrious career, Glen was considered by his peers to be one of the best writers in the business. But his most recent works have declined in popularity. Fans of his writings no longer find interest in his ghost stories, mostly because they’re not scary enough. This leads him into a desperate search for his next ghost story. But an assignment from his boss pits him against the very thing he fears: a night with an obake, or a demon spirit. Ghost investigating is one of the last things he would ever do. In other parts of his life, he teaches history at the local university part-time. Glen always makes it a point to wear a different aloha shirt each day.

ARNOLD HIURA: age 54 – Japanese American e.g. Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa, Ken Watanabe. Arnold is Glen’s boss. He is the chief editor of a local Hawaiian newspaper, and his professional relationship with Glen has lasted for 14 years. Concerned about the declining popularity of Glen’s ghost story articles, he assigns Glen to go on a ghost hunt to help generate a brand-new perspective on the paranormal. Although he is a heavy chain smoker, he maintains a professional, business-type attitude.

FUMIKO KANESHIRO: age 72 – Japanese American w/accent. Fumiko is an old, but enthusiastic Japanese lady, who enjoys reading books about the paranormal. She is also a longtime admirer of Glen’s writings. Eager to tell Glen about her encounter with an obake 49 years ago, she invites him to her home, and from there, shares her story about an encounter with an obake and about the attack on her friend Katsumi. She reveals to Glen a painting by Katsumi, which leads to Glen’s eventual decision to investigate the ghosts of Mokuleia beach. Fumiko is a very sweet & gentle lady, who collects beautiful Hawaiian plants and displays floral arrangements around her home.

GEORGE: age 35 – Hawaiian/local w/pidgin accent. A colleague and friend to Glen, George specializes in sound recording and sound design. He is a native Hawaiian with a slight pidgin accent. Jovial and outgoing, he is someone you can really trust.

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