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Casting call for USC Graduate Thesis Film “Potter’s Field”

“Potter’s Field”, USC Graduate Thesis Film
Director: Brad Crowe
Shoots Early January, 2009

Special Notes: Brad Crowe is an award winning writer, director, and producer at USC. He is the recipient of the distinguished Albert R. Broccoli Film Scholarship and the prestigious Thomas B. Bush Cinematography Scholarship at USC. His short film, CONTROL recently won best short film at multiple film festivals and is currently in worldwide distribution.
This is a USC graduate Thesis film with the top graduate students currently attending, and will most likely win awards. It is going to be a beautiful film shot on the highly sought after “The Red One” Camera (2x better than HD).

SYNOPSIS: Potter’s Field is a dark comedy about an impoverished teenager named Daryl who learns first-hand about death after his mentally handicapped brother dies in a freak bathroom accident. With no money to cremate or hold a funeral, a numb Daryl decides to dispose of the body himself. In between searching for caskets at Costco, attempting to sell the body to science, and illegally cruising down carpool lanes with his dead brother by his side, Daryl learns one of the toughest lessons in life: how to grieve for the loss of a loved one.


DARYL: (Lead) Male / Caucasian / 18-early 20’s to play younger, Daryl is truly a kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Growing up in a trailer park in East Los Angeles, Daryl’s hopes for college were dashed at an early age by the increasing medical costs of his wheelchair-bound mentally handicapped brother, Sebastian. An avid artist, Daryl sketches his dreams that have always been out of reach nice houses, cars, and office buildings. Things he can only imagine his father, who left when Daryl was very young, pursuing out in Hollywood. Daryl’s a guy that’s had to take care of the family since he was a little boy. He’s the responsible one. He’s had to give up his dreams to take care of his brother. He’s resentful, cynical, and barely restrained. Daryl wants to be somebody important. He wants the life he imagines everyone in Hollywood has. But before he can ditch life in a trailer park, he has to dispose of his brother’s body first. LEAD

Send pix and resumes to:

Los Angeles, CA 90026

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