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Casting Call for “THE BOXCAR (El Vagón of the Immigrants)” by Silvia González

“THE BOXCAR (El Vagón of the Immigrants)”
By Silvia González
Director: Rubén Amavizca
Auditions: August 7 and 8, 2008 7 – 9 PM
AEA 99 Seat

Five immigrants find death trying to cross illegally into the USA hidden in a train boxcar.


ROBERTO: Male, 30’s, a third generation Chicano. He works as an immigration officer with serious doubts about his work. Roberto understands Spanish perfectly, but does not speak it fluently.

MANUEL: Male, 30s, has lived in the USA for more than a decade. He has been deported to Mexico and is trying to come back to his wife. Manuel speaks fluently both English and Spanish. He loves to read and meet new people. His dry and ironic sense of humor does not hide a very honest and hopeful man.

BILL: Male, 30’s, an immigration officer. He loves his job but believes the USA immigration laws need a major overhaul. Bill understands some Spanish and often uses Roberto as a translator.

NOEL: Male, early 20’s, A Salvadorian college student trying to get into the USA illegally. Quiet and shy, he speaks some English.

FRANCISCO: Male, late 40’s-early 50’s, has been crossing into the USA for many years to work as a farm worker. He speaks English with a heavy accent.

GÜERO: Male, 20’s, was brought to the USA as a teen. He speaks English and Spanish with no accent. He has a quick smile and a rowdy sense of humor. Often he is mistaken as non-Latino for his fair skin and green eyes.

PEPE: Male, Late 30’s – early 40s, lived in the USA for almost a decade, but went back to Mexico. Now he’s trying to come back so he can get work and send money home to his wife and sick daughter. He speaks English with a moderate accent.

All auditions will be by appointment only. All actors, with the exception of BILL must speak English and Spanish.

To book an appointment, please call, 213-382-8133 Tuesday through Sunday from 1 to 6 PM, or via e-mail: avytrop@yahoo.com.

Or send picture and resume to:

2332 West Fourth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90057

Rehearsal period: August 14 – September 25, 2008 at the FRIDA KAHLO Theater

Performances: September 26 through November 16, 2008 at the FRIDA KAHLO Theater

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