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Casting call for student film “Omar saved from cheating”

NON-UNION, Shoots Dec. 1st – 7th 2008
Unpaid, Will be shot on film super 16MM and 35MM

This is a 20 to 30 min. short that follows Omar the protagonist in the course of a day, starting with an encounter with a typical LA diva who won’t give him the time of the day, to a bum who’s very generous with his time, to a tryst with an emotional unstable aspiring aging actress, to a peculiar but insightful encounter with a high end Russian call girl, and back home to his fiance. It’s a film about loneliness, intuition, guilt and moral contradictions and briefly touches on the tension between immigrant Africans and African Americans.

Please read character breakdowns below and mail resume and head shots to provided address, indicating which character you are interested in. We will get a script to you ASAP after initial screening.

There is nudity in this project.


OMAR: 20 – 30. Aspiring filmmaker. African. Somewhat eccentric, struggles with identity. Yarns for something more, but doesn’t know what, so he turns to women to fill that void though he’s engaged. Unlike the average womanizer, he’s attracted to unconventional feminine beauty some might consider ugly. Nonetheless, he pursues that attraction with ardor. He’s torn between two women, one who expects nothing but his love, which he can’t give and the other who gives all, but expects nothing in return.

JESSICA: 20 – 30. Biracial. Black/white. Omar’s fiance. Very beautiful with patrician features and eloquent. All she has is Omar. She’s weak in comparison to Omar’s strength, and very much aware of his infidelity, she’s even weaker to leave him. She knows he’s unhappy and feels guilty that her weakness has weakened his strength to leave. So they stay together bound by strange but ineffable love.

TRACY: 30 – 40. Omar’s mistress. As aspiring actress. Great curvaceous feminine physique, with a face that might have been pretty 10 years ago, but has worn out over the years. She exudes intense sexuality but at the same time she looks pure and sincere.

BUM: African American. 30 to 40. Very comical and intelligent. He sleeps at a bus stop and hustles people with parking meters in return for money. He’s taking a liking to Omar and very often speaks to him in an avuncular manner.

MODEL: 20’s to 30’s. Naturally striking with Mediterranean features.

LOLKA: 20’s to 30’s. High end Russian call girl. Very attractive but not intimidating. Like everyone else in the film, she’s disconnected.


BRADON: 20’s to 30’s. Lean and lanky. A bit of an oddity.

WHITE LADY: Caucasian. 40’s. Very fragile and delicate. Pale skin.

WOMEN: All ages and race. Unconventional feminine beauty preferred.

Send pix and resumes to:

1304 N. HIGHLAND AVE,#295

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