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Casting call for short film “Perfectos Extraños”

Project name : “Perfectos Extraños” working title
Project type: Short Film
Project rate: No pay/ credit, copy of DVD once film is completed
Union Status: Non Union

Send Submission: ragazzilounge@gmail.com
Mail Submission: 12918 Hadley St. Whittier CA 90601

Shooting info: Locations in LA, In January 2009
Producer: Jacqueline Calderon-Guido
Director: Froylan Cabuto
Writer: Award winner writer Froylan Cabuto. Mr. Cabutos last films continues to circulate in a number of film festivals. The Canes Film festival in France being one of them. And winning an award for best short in the category of “Cinema of Conscience” at the NAPA-SONOMA WINE COUNTRY FILM FESTIVAL.


Benito, an FBI agent, investigates a sequence of rapes toward youngsters perpetuated by a possible rapist in series. He has only a trace, and a couple of hours to catch the criminal. Nevertheless, his destiny has a surprise for him, and Benito will have to face his turbulent past that will put him at the edge of an abyss.


Martirio: Must be able to portray a 29 and a 40 year old woman. She is a religious woman who has been domesticated by the conservative patriarchal Hispanic society. She is very thin, medium high, light skin, fragile, flat chest, sad looking, and submissive. Actor must speak Spanish as a native (desirable) or near native level.

Fidel: He is the prototype of a conservative Macho Hispanic man. He is arrogant, abusive, obnoxious, medium high, and brown to dark skin complexion. He must represent a late 30s and late 40s year old person.

Benito: Must be able to portray a 15 year old and a 35 year old man. When he is 15, he is a quite boy and afraid of his father. He must portray a traumatized boy with low self-esteem. As an adult he is sharp, strong, intelligent, and kind. He is good looking, attractive, and in a good shape always. Actor must speak Spanish and English as a native level (desirable) or near native in both languages.

Samantha: She is a 16 years old. (Actor must be 18 year old or older but be able to portray a young girl). She is sexy and provocative (in a natural way), happy, Caucasian.

Carmelo: Must be able to portray a 24 and a 40 year old man. He is Hispanic, native Spanish speaker, kind of a handsome guy, slim, medium high, with a lustful gaze.

Barbara: Must be able to portray a 25 and a 40 year old woman. She is Carmelo’s wife. She is Hispanic, and must speak Spanish at a native level or near native.

Inmate 1: He is between 37 – 45 years old convict, strong and built. He must have a shaved head. Preferable Caucasian, tattoos are a plus but not necessary.

Inmate 2: He is in his 30’s. He is a convict, any shape, preferable Caucasian (tattoos are a plus but not necessary), and shaved head preferable.

FBI agent 1: Any age, any ethnicity. Preferable a man.

FBI agent 2: Any age, any ethnicity. Preferable a man.

EXTRAS: Male extras for a prison scene. Any ages, ethnicities, and shapes.

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