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Casting Call for SAG Ultra Low Budget Film “Ilegales”

Casting Call for SAG Ultra Low Budget “Ilegales”

Shooting Tentatively July 13th through August 1st in Las Cruces, New Mexico & Mexico
Auditioning within the next 3 weeks in LA, NY & Las Cruces, NM
SAG Ultra Low Budget Scale ($100+10% per/day), Travel, Accommodations & Per Diem provided.

SYNOPSIS: “llegales” is a modern day look at human trafficking along the US/ Mexican border. The story is told through several characters experiences. Maribel is a mother who’s been trying for 7 years to obtain legal documentation to cross into the United States. Time becomes a factor because of her son’s tuberculosis. She feels the only way he’ll receive the medical attention he needs is to cross through the desert, illegally with the assistance of a Coyote (Human smugglers who wrangle the illegals across the border.). Along the way, she faces perils but stays on her path, believing it’s the only way to help her son. In the end Maribel must choose between deportation back to Mexico or surrendering her son to New Mexico authorities.

Ignacio is an illegal immigrant. He’s a father with two small children. He works, washing dishes, for the owner of a small diner. He’s at the mercy of his boss but can’t afford to quit his job. In order to supplement his meager income he sells drugs on the side. If it were up to Ignacio, he wouldn’t work either of those jobs. The question for Ignacio seems to be: Is life better on either side of these borders?

Ariel is a Mexican migrant worker who’s content with his family and his life. After agreeing to help his friend Arturo drive workers back and forth over the border he’s coerced by the mob boss to assist the Coyotes in drug trafficking. Although this favor means more money for his family, Ariel isn’t looking for such a promotion. His wife Juana is against anything that involves more risk. Circumstances force Ariel to make a decision that will change the rest of his life.

Please Note: The dialogue will be 80% in English and 20% in Spanish with subtitles. Where indicated talent must be fully bilingual in Spanish/English, Semi-fluent in Spanish or just American English.

We will be casting the principals (P) in Los Angeles & New York. All other roles will be auditioned and cast as local hires in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This is noted in the breakdown. If you are available for work in Las Cruces, NM during the indicated shooting schedule as a local hire please indicate that in your submission.

Character Parts
Maribel (P): Mexican female. Beautiful and in her late 20’s, early 30’s. She is hardworking young woman and mother. Her decisions are based on her love and dedication to do the best for her son. She’ll do whatever she has to for her son, but it’s important to do things right. (13 days/Bilingual/ LA/NY or/Local Hire)

Ariel (P): Male Mexican about 30 yrs. old. Tall and somewhat handsome and appealing. Considering his line of work he has compassion for people. He doesn’t have much of a plan or a strong standing on anything except his faith in God. He’s a good guy and a smart guy, but he’s at the mercy of his circumstances. (14 days /Bilingual/ LA/NY or/Local Hire)

Arturo (P): Male Mexican average kind of guy and in good physical shape in his early 30’s. He is a “Coyote”. He smuggles workers over the border back and forth for a price. Motivated by making money. He’s street smart, but not a thug. He is a cool likeable guy. He is Ariel’s friend. (13 days/Bilingual/ LA/NY or/Local Hire)

Ricardo (P): Male Mexican in his late 40’s. He is “El Jefe” (The Boss) physically big and very serious. Motivated 100% by money. He’s been in charge for a long time and he earned his power through violence. He sees himself as a businessman that helps people out rather than the drug lord and human trafficker that he is. (6 days/Bilingual/ LA/NY or/Local Hire)

Ignacio (P): Mexican male in his mid 30’s. Rough ex-con look tattooed but somehow he still has a soul. He thought coming to America would solve all of his problems and now he’s realizing that life’s hard for him on either side of the border. He does what he has to for his kids. (5 days/Bilingual/ LA/NY or/Local Hire)

Chuy (P): Male Mexican in his late 30’s. Probably used to enjoy violence, now he’s just after money. He likes that he intimidates people and he figures that everyone’s an idiot except him. (13 days/Bilingual/ LA/NY or/Local Hire)

Juana (P): Mexican female in her early 30’s. Ariel’s wife. She is lovable, pretty, but not sexy. Wary of the dangers involved with what Ariel does to support the family. She’d rather live poor and safe than risk the well being of her family getting involved with illegal activities. (1 or 2 day/Bilingual/LA/NY or/Local Hire)

Gabriel (P): Mexican boy 8 years old. (Prefer an older child that looks younger) Smart nice looking. Eagar to learn and please his mother. (8 days/ Bilingual/LA/NY or Local Hire)

Consul: Female Caucasian 45-50’s. Even though she is trying to help Maribel she can’t bend the immigration rules. She is a nice person but she’s just doing her job. (1 or 2 day/English/Local Hire)

Burrito woman: Old Mexican woman 50 to 65. Slightly over weight. She is one of the illegal workers and carries burritos in her knapsack. (1 or 2 day/Semi-fluent/Local Hire)

Felipe (P): Mexican male in his mid 20’s short or medium sized. He is one of the illegals that are crossing. A know-it-all kind of guy. In his family, he might be the smart one, but compared to everyone else, he’s not. (7 days/Semi-fluent/Local Hire)

Yolanda: Mexican female in her 50’s. Maribel’s mother. She is slightly frail and petite. In her younger days she used to be beautiful like Maribel. She loves her daughter and grandson and has great faith in God. (1 or 2 day/Bilingual/LA/NY or Local Hire)

Martin: Caucasian male 40-50. Rough blue-collar look. He is the owner of the cafe. He has no respect for Mexicans that work for him. To him they are just wetbacks. (1 or 2 day/English/Local Hire)

Agent Wallace: Male 45 to 55 years old. He works for the US Depart. Of Homeland Security. He is big, rough and used to getting what he wants and he’s got all the resources to make that happen. (1 or 2 day/English/Local Hire)

Border Patrol Agent 1: Mexican male in his 30’s. Physically fit. (1 or 2 day/ Semi-fluent /Local Hire)

Border Patrol Agent 2: Mexican male in his 20’s. Physically fit. (1 or 2 day/ Semi-fluent /Local Hire)

Frat boys: Typical American college students traveling through Mexico. Spring break types. (1 or 2 day/English/Local Hire)

Army guy: Male in his late 20’s. Tall military type. (1 or 2 day/English/Local Hire)

Waitress: Caucasian in her late 30’s. Not pretty, but she used to have a decent body. White. (1 or 2 day/English/Local Hire)

Longhaired Coyote: Rough, ex-convict looking. Mean face, 40’s. (1 or 2 day/ Bilingual /Local Hire)

Militiaman: Late 30’s. Very Texan and chubby. (1 or 2 day/ English /Local Hire)

Sancho: Male Mexican in his late 20’s. Very big, rough and out of shape. (1 or 2 day/ Semi-fluent /Local Hire)

Police Detective: Caucasian or African American male early 30’s. Smart and experienced. (1 or 2 day/ English /Local Hire)

Farmer: Caucasian mid to late 20’s. Mean hick. (1 or 2 day/ English /Local Hire)

Farmer’s wife: She is in her mid 20’s. Not attractive. (1 or 2 day/ English /Local Hire)

Female illegal worker: Mexican woman very heavy set in her mid 40’s. (1 or 2 day/ Semi-fluent /Local Hire)

Charlene: Female mid to late 20’s. Pretty, very friendly but naive. She likes kids, but she still has a lot to learn. (1 or 2 day/ English /Local Hire)

Principal: Male in his 40’s. Nice encouraging educator. (1 or 2 day/English/Local Hire)

Anisa: Latina female child looking 6 or 7 years old (Prefer an older child that looks younger). She’s smart and funny. (1 or 2 day Semi-fluent /Local Hire)

Doctor: Male Latino in his 50’s. Tall and an attitude that he thinks he knows it all. (1 or 2 day/ Semi-fluent /Local Hire)

Please submit 8×10’s with resume via mail, e-mail, or messenger.

All submissions must have a Contact Number, E-Mail, and Name.

E-mail: sncasting@gmail.com

Stark Naked Productions
39 West 19th Street, 12th Fl.
New York, New York 10011

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