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Casting call for SAG promo “Jimmy’s”

“JIMMY’S”, Promo, SAG
Shoots September / October 2008
Deferred SAG Short Low Budget
Promo to sell film for full Production.

Sides will be online September 1, 2008.

STORYLINE: JIMMY’S CAFE is the story of a young, talented and passionate Latina woman named JUSTINA, whose extraordinary beauty has been both a blessing and a curse on her life. Having survived the horrors of kidnapping and forced prostitution in a labor camp, she is once again forced to be another man’s “woman.” After “promising” to “turn tricks” for someone else, she’s allowed to return to East Los Angeles but manages to escape. During her absence she learns that her mother has died. Deeply saddened, angry and mistrusting, she tries to pick up the shattered pieces of her life and move on.
JIMMY’S CAFE is a love story. During her quest for a new life and a job, preferably as a singer, Justina meets the young, handsome “guapo-poet, ” VINNY LUPARI, who falls in love with her on their first encounter. Vinny, who wastes no time to engage her into his life, eagerly suggests that she audition at his father’s club, Jimmy’s Cafe. JIMMY LUPARI, Vinny’s father, is a cautious and over-protective man; and upon discovering Justina’s tarnished past, admonishes his only son to reconsider and forget all about her; especially in light of the fact that his long-time jealous fiance, Stefania, would never allow the likes of another breathtaking Latina beauty in their midst to tempt Jimmy… again!


JUSTINA: Female / Hispanic / 20-24
This stunning 20-24 year-old Latina is sultry and sensuous. She is both blessed and cursed with extraordinary beauty and talent. Every man desires her once they see her for the first time. Every
man… She sings and can dance. Her green eyes (optional) speak volumes. Justina is very old school in many ways. Abandoned by her father at an early age and raised by her loving and gentle mother, Justina has been brought up with strict family values and plain common sense. Deeply religious, she leans on God, her greatest strength, when she experiences the daunting tragedies in her life.

VINNY LUPARI: Lead / Male / Caucasian, Multi-Ethnic / 23-25
Jimmy’s son and shadow… to a point. A handsome 23 –25 year-old in love with life, his father, the Club business and… poetry. Think James Franco meets a younger Johnny Depp. Vinny loves Sinatra and can easily get into Dylan. Mark Twain is his favorite writer of all time. Vinny loves sports like any other young American… but poetry really turns him on as nothing else can… When Justina walks into his life, she becomes his Muse. Although very devoted to his father, family and Jimmy’s Cafe, he breaks rank and causes a conflict with his father over his love for Justina. In the end, love conquers all.

STEFANIA: Lead / Female / Caucasian, Multi-Ethnic / 40-49
This 40 plus Italian-American is one hot spicy sister. She’s been in love with Jimmy Lupari since she was 16 and waiting and waiting for him to ‘pop’ the question for years. When Jimmy’s first and only wife died, Stefania filled the void in Jimmy’s life and has been like a mother to Vinny, his son. A native of New York now living in L.A., Stefania possesses the earthiness and animalistic qualities of a young Sofia Loren and Anna Magnani. Passionate, possessive and capable of acting out her jealousy in public, Stefania is totally devoted to Jimmy. She is his soul mate. Stef is definitely the strength behind Jimmy. We see this story through her eyes.

MAMA CLARA: Supporting / Female / All Ethnicities / 80-89
The Mother whom everyone loves, Mama Clara is simply put, a delightful addition to Jimmy’s Cafe. In her 80’s, she is a very strong, at times, stubborn woman. Think Dukakis meets Anne Bancroft. Her life is all about her only son, Jimmy, and his happiness. This adorable woman is full of zest and very spirited. A very classical Greek-Italian looking woman, Mama Clara is very religious, very Mediterranean and very committed to her family. As with all the women in this story, Mama Clara exemplifies strength, honor, passion, integrity and character.

THE RUSSIAN: Supporting / Male / Caucasian, Multi-Ethnic / 30-39
Think of a lean, blue eyed and very obsessed strange-looking man. This 30ish psycho is a Russian immigrant who occasionally drives a limo and uses Coke like Sinus Medicine. Very insecure and compensates for it by selecting Justina as “his property” and love-slave. A poor excuse for a man, he feels empowered by trying to control people’s lives. He too, is madly in love with Justina; but, for the wrong reasons.

MR. LUCANIA: Supporting / Male / Hispanic / 69-79
Mr. Lucania is Jimmy’s father’s Old and loyal friend. He is also Jimmy’s Godfather; a man of respect and much loved in the community; has owned and operated a chain of Liquor Stores in East Los Angeles for 50 years; a self-made millionaire, now retired. Physically fit and active, this Hispanic man in his 70’s is Jimmy’s Orifice in times of trouble and need. He has a commanding presence; very charming and elegant. A local Patron in the Barrio, Mr. Lucania is everyone’s Solomon as he holds forth and dispenses his wisdom liberally and freely.

THE RUSSIAN GIRLFRIEND: Female / All Ethnicities / 26-29
A gorgeous and sexy Russian woman in her late 20’s. Blue-eyed and blonde, she is your typical Russian beauty. She could be a Top-Model if she only didn’t drink and hang with The Russian, who’s a loser.

BIG JOEY: Supporting / Male / All Ethnicities / 44-49
An old Marine buddy of Jimmy’s and Sam’s. Pushing 50, Big Joey is 6’4″ and weighs… a lot! He’s the kind of man you want as a friend… not an enemy. Divorced, diabetic and lives alone. He hangs with old army buddies discussing whatever… As an ex-marine and trained in Special Forces like Jimmy and Sam, Big Joey is capable of more than collateral damage. Yet, like Sam, we see a sensitive side to this wall-to-wall eating machine. If you look up the word “loyalty” in the dictionary.. . you’ll find Big Joey right next to it. MUST BE A BIG MAN! Check out Frank D’Amico on IMDB: http://www.imdb. com/media/ rm241864704/ nm0195124

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