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Casting call for Non-union Short Film “Clubbers”

Non-union Short Film “Clubbers”
20 minute comedy/drama
Intended for film festivals (Cannes, Toronto, LA, NY)
For past work, look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5DdKsVqJYE
Shoots January 16 (Shooting at the end of January through February) in Los Angeles/Hollywood/ Northridge
Not paid

This film is intended as a comedy that becomes dramatic with the relationships that unveil. Be prepared to show a wide range of emotion.

High-school friends enjoy the club life after high school, but new relationships and old friends create conflict in their lives.

MATT CARTER: Male,20-24 yrs old any ethnicity 5’10-6-1 Meets his ex after many years, but realizes why he broke up with her in the first place. Friends influence him to many decisions, but is often about the right decision to make. Has to be able to show frustration in a funny way in deciding between two girls.

CAROLINE: Matt’s Mother-Female late 30’s to early 40’s Same Ethnicity as Matt (Could be any)5’8 to 5’11 Is Matt’s mother. As Matt is a child, she brings him to the beach to show his the city.

TIM REYNOLDS: Male the boss of Matt at his accounting firm where he works. Should have an ironic sense of humor, using facial expressions. Knows how to get under Matt’s skin at work. Early 40’s- Caucasian

MICHAEL YOUNG: Matt’s best friend from High School. Wild and crazy personality, the opposite of Matt, who is more critical of himself. Not a shy person. Ends up getting payback from a player in high school that broke his legs, so he must know how to play a vengeful, angry(yet comedic) scene. Early 20’s Any Ethnicity

STEVEN: Another of Matt’s friends that can become detached because he makes irrational decisions. Thinks he has a way with women. People are often intimidated by his attitude. Know how to defend with words-should have a believable, persuasive voice/attitude because he convinces his friend to go out clubbing and start a fight. 5’8 to 6 Any ethnicity

RYAN: One of Matt’s High School Friends, that often gives outs advice but doesnt know how to take it. Often the go getter-the first to try something different or to take chances. Is Steven’s right hand, wingman that often likes to laugh at their actions. 5’10 to 6’1 any ethnicity

MARILYN: The ex girlfriend of Matt from High school that develops a new relationship again. Must be able to be persuasive and fast talk and play the seductive role. She has to be able to play nice and switch to non-cooperative because she has to seem to busy for her ex’s plans

CAYLYN: Female, Early 20’s. A girl that Matt works with and that likes her because she is not enforcing. She must be able to display emotion towards Matt in this manner, but can also show frustration. A bit laid back, opposite of the controlling type that ends up with Matt at the end.

TANYA: Female, Early to Mid 20’s. Is the crush of Steven at work, and goes out with her with the intention of competing with Matt, Michael, and Ryan. Knows how to dance.

SHAWN: Male, Early 20’s. Antagonist. Broke Michael’s legs in high school and is Still the same guy five years later. He happens to go to the same club as Matt and his friends, and confronts Bones again and their grudge ignites.

SANDRA: Female, Early to Mid 20’s. Preferably mid 20’s (24-27). Is the girlfriend of Shawn, and is intimidated by Shawn

MICHELLE: Female, Early 20’s, is a cute girl at the accounting firm, and is approached by Steven, but is quicky shunned for another girl at work.

JAMES: Male, Early 40’s. Is the secondary boss at the accounting firm where Matt works, and has a passive attitude about the tons of work that he gives to Matt.

Send headshots and resumes by 01/02/09 to:

15900 CRENSHAW BLVD #G 486

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