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Casting call for non-union feature film “The Flying Guy”

Non-Union Feature Film
Starts August 18, 2008
Director/Writer: Tracy L. Morse
No pay

Project Notes: The Flying Guy is a quirky and sweet supernatural romantic comedy/fairy tale written by Tracy L. Morse. It is a story that can only take place in Los Angeles, where a flying man can have his 15 minutes of fame be over in 11 minutes, and just become part of the wacky landscape.

Tracy L. Morse has directed music videos for Empty Empyre, and Throttlebody, commercial spots for Long Live Crime Records, as well as writing and directing a TV Pilot based on his experiences as a tattoo artist called Inkslingers. Tracy’s short film Chasing Jason, created under his B-Movie alias ‘Chopper Denton’, played at eight international film festivals, and is still one of the most popular shorts on IFILM and YouTube. He’s written twenty-six feature scripts to date, as well as numerous pilots, shorts and treatments for a dozen producers and directors in Hollywood, including Mark Bristol (Natural Selection), 222 Pictures, Meng King Films, and Bohemia Entertainment. Tracy is a dedicated horror fan, and a self-proclaimed master of monster trivia.

Story Line: What would you do if you could fly? Become a superhero? Shave an hour off your morning commute?
Meet Adam Patnesky, a normal 20-something living and looking for love in Los Angeles. He works in a coffee shop, plays in a band, and oh yeah, he can fly. He doesn’t know how he can do what he does, so he only floats about fourteen feet off the ground, in case he falls. His 15 minutes of fame were over ages ago, and nobody really pays much attention to him anymore. Except the church. They think he’s evil incarnate. And the Circus of Angels desperately wants him to save their fading careers. All Adam wants to do is find love. Will he find the girl of his drea


Adam Patnesky aka The Flying Guy: Lead / MALE / 19 TO 29
Helpful Skills – Musician, singer
Male, 20’s. Laid back rocker type. OFF HANDSOME. Charming. Adam’s a lover, not a fighter, and he does all he can to avoid confrontation. He can fly, but because he doesn’t know how he can do this, he’s always treated his gift as a liability. All he wants is someone to accept him for him, and not for what he can do.

Terry Moore: Supporting / MALE / 25 TO 35
Male, 20’s. Nerdy cool. Writer. Total creative, lives in his head, so the rest of his character suffers. He’s not the snappiest of dressers.

Sean: Supporting / MALE / 20 TO 30
Helpful Skills – Singer
Male 20’s – Misguided Rock singer. More charm than brains.

Billy J.: Supporting / MALE / 19 TO 29
Male 20’s – Rock Guitarist. Loves the ladies.

Billy M.: Supporting / MALE / 19 TO 29
Male 20’s – Rock Bassist. Complete brainiac. His intelligence is wasted on this band.

The Ringmaster: Supporting / MALE / 35 TO 55
Helpful Skills – Magic
Male 40’s-50’s. Evil Mastermind. Paul Ruebens meets Udo Kier. Sharp wit and tongue.

Send pix and resumes asap to:

741 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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