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Casting call for Non-Union Feature Film “Beyond: Me”

“Beyond: Me”, Non-Union Feature Film
Director: Eric Shoe
Shoots Jan 15, 2009 in Los Angeles and San Diego
Principal Roles – $100/day


CARSON WRIGHT: Carson is a 32 year old Black male. He is very attractive and charming but at the same time is one of the most feared men in his city. He is also seen in at ages 6 and 16.

JEROME WRIGHT: African American, Jerome is Carson’s 18 year old brother. Jerome has his brother’s good looks and street smarts but is also an impressive scholar.

DESMOND ‘DOOKIE’ CARMICHAEL: Dookie is a Black male in his early thirties. He is the owner of a strip club and associate of Carson. Dookie is a mentor to Jerome. He is a very smooth talker.

TRENT: Trent is a mid thirties homosexual male. He has a mystical vibe about him. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to God and love.

SANDRA O’DAY: Sandra is a Black female in her late twenties. She is a gospel and R&B singer as well as a school teacher. She is as sexy as a woman could ever be.

ALICIA LINDSAY: Alicia is a 32 year old Black female. She went to high school with Carson and becomes his confidant. She has two sons Darius and Lydell.

PASTOR FREDERICK LENNOX: Pastor Lennox is a Black male in his sixties and is very wise. He is a community leader and is trusted by many.

PAT BURRELL: A thirty year old Black male and best friend of Carson.

MONICA MANNING: Carson’s 32 year old fiancé.

LORI: Lori is an 18 year old street smart White female. She grew up across town from Jerome and they attend the same college. Although she is highly intelligent, she is naive and easily persuaded.

DIVYA: Divya is an 18 year old Indian college student.

TALIA: Talia is an 18 year old, Black, college student and Jerome’s high school sweetheart.

THE LITTLE GIRL: A six year old Black girl who appears throughout the story.

THE GIRL: African American, the sixteen year old version of The Little Girl.

MRS. FORMAN: Carson’s first grade teacher.

DARNEL: A friend of Carson’s from his high school days. Darnel is sixteen and always looking for trouble.

BOOGIE & FELIPE: Members of Carson’s High School Crew

NORRIS HASTINGS: A Black male in his fifties.

REESE HASTINGS: Norris’ twenty five year old son.

RJ AND KJ: Large muscular bouncers at Dookie’s club.

TOOTSIE: A thick Black stripper.

BRANDON RUIZ: A Hispanic associate of Carson and Dookie.

MARINA RUIZ: Brandon’s wife.

ROSCO: The owner of a “Chop Shop” and associate of Carson and Dookie.

DENNIS SCOTT: An 18 year old White male college student. One of Jerome’s roommates.

GLIBERT LANSING: Jerome’s other roommate.

JESUS CHRIST: Yes this means Jesus Christ.

12 DISCIPLES: The 12 followers of Jesus Christ

MAN: A man being taught a lesson by Jesus and the Disciples.

MATORY: A Maury Povich type of talk show host.

BARRY: A frat boy at the university.

DR. WILSON: A doctor at the Emergency room.

DETECTIVE STRAND: A 35 year old police detective and informant to Carson.

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