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Casting call for “Love Isn’t Always on Time” – LA

SAG Short Film
Writer/Director: Kamal Aboukhater
Starts Early June, 2008
There is pay

Story Line: Almost everyone has had a childhood crush encounter. At the age of twelve, Cameron had a great awkward encounter with Ava on the last day of summer camp. Cameron’s first words to Ava on the bus to a field trip were not exactly what he had hoped for and he never recovered or re-lived such a great awkward moment. He kept wondering and wishing for the next Twenty five years whether love would be kind to him and find Ava later on in life.


CAMERON: Caucasian. Male, early 30s, he is athletic, an impeccable dresser, very kind eyes and he is a very successful investment banker. His world would be complete if he only knew where that beautiful little girl is that he knew so long ago.

PAM: Female, early 30s, Cameron’s right hand person. She is efficient, one of the guys, but very feminine. She is also Cameron’s best friend.

AVA: Caucasian. Female, early 30s, Supermodel good looks, dresses elegantly, perfect shoes, manicure. She is Cameron’s dream girl.

YOUNG CAMERON: Caucasian. Male, age 12, hopelessly in love with the young girl at camp, but he does not have the nerve to speak to her. This event will shape his whole concept of the perfect woman. He always seems to be one step behind in his timing.

YOUNG AVA: Caucasian. Female, age 12, she is the embodiment of beauty, even at her young age. She is the girl that Cameron falls in love with at first sight.

MR. HALLSTROM: Caucasian. Male, 40. He is the resident assistant at the Camp. He has a mustache and a small goatee. He does not look intimidating or rough, he is more of a father figure.

CAMERA GIRL: 12 Years old. A camper, please submit all ethnicities.

BUS DRIVER: 45-55, male, please submit all ethnicities.

CAMERON’S ASSOCIATES 1,2 & 3: Two are male. One is Female. 25-35. Please submit all ethnicities. These are Cameron’s associates at work.

CAMERON, JR: 10 to 12, Caucasian. He is a younger version of our lead. Unlike his father he is good at sports. Vibrant personality and it shows in his face.

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“Love Isn’t Always On Time”

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