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Casting call for feature film “Speed Dating”

“Speed Dating”, Feature Film, SAG Ultra Low Budget
Director/Writer: Joseph Elmore
Shoots Approximately 11/21 – 12/15


BEAVER: mid 20’s, ethnic background, a “pretty boy,” extremely well groomed and manicured. Strong comedic background as well as solid improv skills a must. Although his friends joke with him about his sexual preference, he strongly relates to the ladies. LEAD

SAGE: Mid 20’s. African American male who is capable of playing an extremely attractive female. Transgender OK.

DOG: mid-20’s, African-American male, handsome in an attainable way. Must have great comedy chops as well as improv skills. Although women might associate him with his name, he’s the first one to admit that he is open to falling in love. LEAD

TOO COOL: mid 20’s, African-American male, wealthy by inheritance. Like his name, he is super cool, laid back and smooth. He’s confident and his swagger appeals to the ladies, even though they find him emotionally unavailable. LEAD

FRENCHITA SPROUSE: mid 20’s, Caucasian, stunningly beautiful (preferably Russian or French), long legs, very upscale in attitude and breeding but underneath she’s the psychotic, disgruntled ex-girlfriend of Too Cool. Comedic skills are a plus.

AGENT KEVIN SPROUSE: mid-40’s to mid-50’s, Caucasian, Frenchita’s intense father who could have belonged to either the KGB or CIA. This is a man who could have been an interrogator. Broad comedic skills are a plus.

AUNT B: 60’s+, African-American, the feisty adopted mother of Too Cool. Ability to do comedy a plus.

ELIZABETH: mid-20’s, African-American, stunningly beautiful with an amazing body. This is a woman whose looks could stop traffic. Not interested in a one night stand, this church girl wants to get married.

EMILY: mid-20’s, African-American, a cute girl, funny and petite. Overly concerned about her appearance and her weird, almost devilish laugh, is what is heard when any compliment meets her approval.

DOM: 50+, open ethnicity including Caucasian, a veteran who lost both legs in battle. Although he lives in a wheelchair, he’s very funny and cool. Dom loves the ladies.

YOUNG TOO COOL: African American male. Cute.

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