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Casting call for feature film “Nowhere to Hide”

“NOWHERE TO HIDE”, Feature Film
SAG Modified Low Budget
Writer: Kraig Wennman
Director: John Murlowski
Starts 9/22/08

STORY LINE: After the mysterious death of her husband at the hand of his ex partner, SARA is thrown into a battle to save her daughters life after she disappears to meet an unknown Facebook friend. While driving in search of her daughter, a male VOICE comes over her Roadlink speaker on Saras dashboard and informs her that he now controls her engine, her brakes, her car, her very life. And Sara is forced in a life-and-death battle of wills with the cunning Sheldon Wilkes, the man on the other end of the Roadlink, who can puppet her car to carry out a heinous crime on his behalf.


SARA CRANE: 38 – 40 Female, Caucasian. Attractive and a strong female presence. A once celebrated policewoman, now retied to raise her daughter, Kimmy, 14. After the mysterious death of her husband, policeman Edward Crane, Sara is thrown into a battle to save her daughter’s life after she disappears. While driving in search of her daughter, a VOICE comes over her Roadlink speaker on her dashboard telling her that he now controls her car. She is forced to follow the mystery man’s demands while reviving her once sharpened police skills in a desperate attempt to rescue her daughter.

SHELDON WILKES: 30 – 40 Male, Caucasian. He is an agoraphobic IT bully, hiding behind his knowledge of Technology. His disturbingly long fingernails, clack on his keyboard as he exercises his perceived control of the outside world. He is a twisted but personable and literate man. He prefers the safety of his virtual world rather than facing real people in a real world.

DETECTIVE JACK IRONS: 45, Male, A driven city detective with experience and a kick-ass wardrobe. Even when Iron’s isn’t working, he’s working. He’s not a guy prone to emotions but he’s haunted by the fact that he was forced into pulling the trigger on his ex partner when he went over the deep end.

KIMMY CRANE: 14-15, female, Caucasian (18 to play 15 preferable) Kimmy is confident, quick witted, growing up way too fast. She was very close with her mother and father, but after her father’s murder, Kimmy and her mom grew distant. So she turns to the internet to find a sympathetic ear. Bad idea for a 14 year old girl. In her search, she is befriended by a maniac that kidnaps her in order to get her ex police woman mother, Sara, to help him with his deranged plan. PLEASE SUBMIT 18 TO PLAY YOUNGER OR EMANCIPATED.

EDWARD CRANE: 40 – 45 Male, Caucasian. A cop and family man who is driven to make detective. His drive careens his life directly into the path of the twisted Wilkes and forces him into a self destructive act to protect his family, which costs him his life.

PRISCILLA: FEMALE – 40’s – 50’s: A compassionate family friend of the Cranes. She’s also a policewoman who works in the records department of the police station. She becomes a selfless ally to Sara. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

PAOLO FARINA: 45 – 50 Italian, He is stocky but strong. He is under police protection as a witness to a crime and will do anything to get away from Sara, who kidnaps him on the orders of Wilkes.

GAMER: MALE 20’s. Take your pick of any one of 10,000 pale young males prowling the halls of your local Star Trek Convention. Showers and shaving optional. Dreams of actually kissing a girl one day. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

LANDLORD: 55 – 60 Male. Caucasian Landlord in Wilkes’ building. Could have benefited from sun block in the 70’s. Wiry, maybe sports a few tats that he got long before you could get them in a shopping mall.

TOLEY: MALE – 40’s – 60’s. Caucasian An old country boy stuck in the suburbs. He’s a man of age and formidable size. Would have fit in nicely with Mr. Eastwood when he still wore a bolo. He owns a country Gas Station and is warned by Wilkes not to help Sara when his good-will act turns tragic.

COP: 35 – 45 A friendly-faced middle aged MALE cop who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Stunt man / actor preferred.) PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

ROOKIE: 23 – 26. Rookie policeman. Sara tazers him. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

GUARD: 50 – 60, Pudgy, typical after hours security guard. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

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