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Casting call for a theatre production of “Battle Hymn”

“BATTLE HYMN”, Circle X Theatre Co., AEA 99-Seat Plan
Writer: Jim Leonard, Director: John Langs
Rehearsal start November 11, 2008, Opening January 17, 2009
The Ford at The Ford Amphitheatre

Description: Battle Hymn is a contemporary story that begins in the past. Martha’s mother died giving birth to her in 1845, and now, as the story begins, Martha finds herself pregnant and ostracized at the age of sixteen. Rather than despairing, Martha sets off on an incredible journey through America, determined to find her boyfriend who has joined the Union Army so he can “do the right thing” by her. As Martha travels through and fights in the Civil War, she settles on one incontrovertible fact: She will not raise her baby in a blood-soaked, violent country. And so, Martha keeps traveling in search of a better world and a safe place to bring forth her child… this is easier said than done.
Battle Hymn is the story of a uniquely American Mother Courage: her epic pregnancy, her past, her future, and her incredible search for motherhood, meaning, and love.


MARTHA: Late teens to mid twenties. Strong willed and determined, committed to being the mother she never had and to bringing her baby into the world in a safe place. A free-thinker for her time, she’s headstrong, ambitious but with a wide eyed innocence. Singing ability a plus. This is a demanding role.

The following actors all play multiple roles and must be versatile. They will play both men and women, with various age ranges. Each actor will play at least nine different roles.

ACTOR ONE: Male, 17-24, Caucasian, to play multiple roles including a typical Farm boy. Naïve, Idealistic and filled with passion.

ACTOR TWO: Male, late 30’s to early 50’s, Caucasian, to play multiple roles including Martha’s Father, an Episcopalian Preacher, educated Harvard Grad with well bred Eastern Accent. Additional roles include Union Soldier and a Psychiatrist with German accent.

ACTOR THREE: Male, 30’s to play late 30’s to early 50’s, African-American, to play multiple roles. This actor plays a wide range of characters from servant, to thief, to first black man to graduate Harvard.

Send pix and resumes by 10/03 to:


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