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Casting 3 Actresses for Film Trailer – Los Angeles, CA

Casting Call Details:
Project: “SHADO” (trailer for a film)
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Need 2 actresses between the ages of 21 to 37 and an actress between 9 to 13 for a trailer to a film. All parts have lines and will be advertised to potential investors for a potential to become a feature film or mini series.


“An alien also known as a vampire has a hybrid daughter, SHADO with a human woman and wants to take her mother to his home planet “NIBIRU”.

Uriel Merodach is not of this earth. His kind was remembered in ancient texts as anunaki (those of royal blood). They were also depicted as angels or archangels (those that descended from the sky). Now in the modern world his kind is looked upon as monsters. What we now know as Vampires.

Please send headshot or videos if interested. This may be a paid gig depending on talent. We have an exact date time for auditions after review of potential candidates.

Thank you

Casting Calls Categories: Feature Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: RSVP for details
Project: SHADO (trailer for a film)
Casting Call Location: Los Angeles, California

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