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Auditions for “The Full Monty” (Los Angeles, CA)

Casting Call / Audition Details:
Repertory East Playhouse
AEA 99-Seat Plan
Director: Leslie Berra
Choreographer: Nancy Alterman


The REP is located in Santa Clarita, and is a shorter drive from Hollywood then it is to Santa Monica. Please consider this before submitting.

Most roles require singing. You should be familiar with the show’s music. Come prepared to sing approximately one and a half minutes to an instrumental/ karaoke track-NO LEAD VOICES on the recording – a modern pop/rock showtune would be preferred. THERE WILL NOT BE A PIANIST OR TAPE PLAYER AVAILABLE, YOU MUST BRING AN ACCOMPANIMENT CD. No acappella singing allowed. You be taught a short dance routine, please dress accordingly.

The roles of BUDDY (KENO), JERRY, DAVE, MALCOLM, ETHAN, NOAH (HORSE) and HAROLD require partial nudity. ALL ACTORS will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the show’s ending prior to auditioning.


JERRY LUKOWSKI: An unemployed mill worker, mid-30s. Must be able to sing a variety of styles, needs strong falsetto.

NATHAN LUKOWSKI: His young son (able to play age 12, non-singing role).

PAM LUKOWSKI: His estranged wife, mid-30s, alto

TEDDY SLAUGHTER: Her live-in boyfriend, mid-30s

DAVE BUKATINSKY: An unemployed mill worker, overweight, mid-30s. Must be able to sing a variety of styles, baritone/tenor.

GEORGIE BUKATINSKY: His wife, mid-30s. High alto belter.

HAROLD NICHOLS: An unemployed supervisor at the same mill, 50ish. Baritone/tenor.

VICKI NICHOLS: His wife, 35-50. Alto belter

MALCOLM MACGREGOR: An unemployed mill worker, mid-20s. Needs strong falsetto/tenor.

MOLLY MACGREGOR: His ailing mom, 50+.

ETHAN GIRARD: An unemployed mill worker, mid-20s. Baritone/tenor

NOAH (HORSE) T. SIMMONS: A retired mill worker, African-American, 50ish. Soulful singer who can move well.

JEANETTE BURMEISTER: A piano player of indeterminate years. Low alto belter

BUDDY (KENO) WALSH: A male stripper in his 20s. Non-singing role, must be able to move well.

REG WILLOUGHBY: An unemployed mill worker in his 30s. Chorus singer

TONY GIORDANO: A Buffalo Club owner, 30+.

ESTELLE GENOVESE: JERRY’s occasional girlfriend, 20s-30s, chorus singer-2nd or 1st soprano.

SUSAN HERSHEY: A friend of PAM and GEORGIE’S, 20s-30s, chorus singer-2nd or 1st soprano.

JOANIE LISH: Another friend of PAM and GEORGIE’S, 20s-30s, chorus singer, alto/2nd soprano.

MINISTER: 30+, will be doubled in the chorus

Casting Call / Audition Details:
Casting Call Location: Los Angeles, CA
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