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Auditions for SAG Pilot “Midtown” – LA

Director: Gino Cabanas
Shoots July 9th-July 19th, 2008



ALICE HARRIS: 40. African American. Alice is William Park’s ex-wife and mother to their son, James. She is a talented and well-respected attorney and women’s rights activist. STAR NAMES ONLY. Possible Cameo.

JAMES PARKS: 15. Must be 16 or emancipated to play 15. James is the handsome, young son of LA Police Chief William Parks. He lives with his mother, Alice Harris, and is very protective of her. Of late, his performance in school is dropping off, and James has been spending time with boys that his mother thinks are a bad influence.

HARLAN MCGUIRE: 30-45. A sociopathic serial murderer that has long been pursued by the LAPD and FBI. A master of disguise, no one really knows his identity, or much about his background. His crimes are nearing mythological status, as his manner of murder is complex and inventive to say the least.

LUNA: 27. Beautiful, exotic, sensual masseuse. Luna is street-smart beyond her years and runs the local massage parlor. She serves as an informant to the Midtown Police. Some nudity required.

MONAHAN: 35. Caucasian. An attractive female police lab technician and crime scene investigator with the Midtown Police. Having essentially grown up on Venice Beach, Monahan is more than familiar with LA’s counter-culture and considers herself an evolved crunchy breakfast cereal.

BETTY “MOM” WILSON: 60. Owner and head waitress of Mom’s Diner, a main hangout of Midtown’s finest. Betty was born in Midtown and in her earlier years was a series regular on a daytime soap opera.

SUE PHAN SUTHERLAND: 30. Jack Sutherland’s beautiful Vietnamese wife. She is torn over having left her family in their small village outside post-war Saigon, and is working the political red tape to bring them over to the U.S. A fashion designer. Sue Phan also wants to settle down and have a family soon.

MIGUEL VALDEZ: 50. Mexican. Miguel is one of Rosario’s closest confidants and foot soldiers. He is a fierce-looking man with a fierce demeanor and even hotter temper that is easily and often conjured. Valdez is intimately involved in all aspects of organized crime and is a major facilitator of Rosario’s day-to-day operations.

BILL SPIVELY: 35-50. All Ethnicities. A very wealthy playboy. He is believed to have connections to the Mexican mob and often travels with an entourage of beautiful ladies and his two bodyguards. He’s the guy who is always too loud, too obnoxious, and having too much fun. He is completely full of himself, and a legend in his own mind.

RICK MANNING: 40, wholesome, straight, All-American man. From Lincoln, Nebraska, ex-football star, FBI man, secretly a racist.

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