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Auditions for Non-Union Independent Film

Director/Writer Vincent Escobar
Non-Union Independent Film (No SAG Submissions unless Fi-Core)
Auditions In The Month Of May


Katie-Lead: Female,20-28 yrs old, Caucasian or any ethnicity. Beautiful, with an innocence to her.

Amanda-Supporting: Female, 20-28 yrs old. Katie’s goodfriend. any ethnicity. Pretty

Christy-Supporting: Female,20- 28 yrs old. Katie’s Bestfriend. any ethnicity.

Bobby:Male 20-28 yrs old. any ethnicity. a real cockyperson.

Anthony:Male 31-37 yrs old. Hispanic. Charlie’sBrother, a real smart ass to charlie, but loves hisbrother to death.

Yolanda:Female 31-37 yrs old.Caucasian or any Ethnicity. A fun loving teacher.

Mom:Female 45-55 Hispanic. A caring mother

Jennifer:Female 35-45 yrs old, any ethnicity. Drop Dead Gorgeous, with a great body.

Jessica: 25-28 any ethnicity, very, very hot. She is Bobby’s co-worker.

Amy: 18-20 yrs old, any ethnicity. She is Bobby’s onenight stand in high school

Send h/r to:

Vincent Escobar
1105 Sepulveda Blvd C201
Torrance CA, 90502

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