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Auditions for Comedy Feature Film

Comedy Feature Film
SAG Ultra Low Budget
Director: Quentin Lee
Writer: Koji Steven Sakai
Starts May 27

STORY LINE: After being dumped by the perfect guy, ANGELA goes on a six-week bender in which she sleeps with several men (including “Mr. Hottie,” “Nice But Boring Man,” and “Five-Second Guy”) and emerges pregnant. There are five contenders for the role of Daddy, including her gay best friend, GABRIEL, but only one — JEFFERSON LEE — whom she wants to marry and raise a family with.


GABRIEL LUGO: 24-33 years old, handsome and gay (“he’s one of those guys every woman wishes were straight”), he is Angela’s “slutty”, supportive and impulsive best friend, whom she’s known since junior high school. Gabriel’s a commitment-phobe who works with Angela at the art gallery. When he cheats on his latest boyfriend, Lawrence, and Lawrence dumps him, Gabriel is thrown into a depressed tailspin of regret. While helping Angela try to figure out who the father of her baby is, Gabriel agrees to plan a double wedding with her, in the hopes that their respective Prince Charmings will show up in the meantime. Gabriel also becomes celibate and “re-virginized” in an attempt to win Lawrence back…LEAD. ..ALL ETHNICITIES

JEFFERSON LEE: In his 30s, Korean-American, handsome, conservative, wealthy and a bit mysterious, he is one of the men Angela slept with during her whirlwind 6-week bender. Jefferson is romantic and a great cook, but feels pressure from his political family to run for City Council and follow in their footsteps. When Angela proposes marriage to him, he admits that he’s already engaged to someone else, his girlfriend of seven years, Nikki. Though the star-crossed lovers eventually get together, Angela fears that Jefferson is using her as a means to escape his rigid family. Ultimately, it turns out that Jefferson is hardly a saint himself when it comes to sex, but he really loves Angela and may be perfectly matched for her…LEAD

LAWRENCE: In his 20s, this young, adoring Canadian guy who works at a pharmacy is Gabriel’s latest boyfriend. He is deeply upset when he catches Gabriel with another guy at a dance club. He ends their relationship and tries to keep his distance, but Gabriel’s persistence (and “re-virginizing” ) eventually melts Lawrence’s resolve and the two get married…SUPPORTIN G…ALL ETHNICITIES

NICE BUT BORING MAN / CARLTON LAM: This 35 year old Chinese-American man who sells boxes for a living is one of the five contenders for the role of Daddy to Angela’s baby. On their date, he sweats a lot and stutters, explaining that he rarely goes out with beautiful girls. Still, despite his flaws, he is “hung like a dinosaur” so Angela goes for it. Once he learns he might be the father, he (harmlessly) stalks her and begs her to marry him…SUPPORTING. ..ASIAN-AMERICAN

BECKY: This young, new age, hippie-looking woman is Charles’ girlfriend. She takes Charles on trips, attends family gatherings and does peyote. She likes to speedwalk through the mall and endures Juliet’s hatred without comment…U5

DOCTOR RICHARDS: Angela’s calm, patient and reassuring obstetrician, he or she is a bit disturbed by the sperm, hair and other DNA samples Angela provides from the five prospective fathers…SUPPORTIN G

MR. HOTTIE / ALEX FLYNN: This gorgeous, tall, but not very well-endowed, 20 year old Caucasian guy is Angela’s neighbor, dubbed Mr. Hottie, and another contender for the role of Daddy. She knocks on his door for a booty call and feels very satisfied by the encounter, but Mr. Hottie requires a specific, dildo-related fetish before he will be satisfied… SUPPORTING

MR. LEE: This wealthy, influential and powerful Korean man is Jefferson Lee’s father who laughs at the suggestion that Jefferson would make a great cook. Mr. Lee is convinced that Jefferson wants a life in politics…SUPPORTI NG…KOREAN- AMERICAN

MRS. LEE: Jefferson’s mother, she’s an older Korean woman who bursts into tears during her visit with Angela, because she still wants Jefferson to marry Nikki…U5.. .KOREAN-AMERICAN

PRESTON: This distinguished, attractive African American man is Angela’s year-long boyfriend. He is a perfect 10 in all areas, except for the fact that he’s a born-again virgin and won’t touch Angela. Angela believes he is her soulmate, until he demands to know how many people she’s slept with. When he finds out, he calls her a harlot and publicly abandons her at dinner…SUPPORTING …AFRICAN- AMERICAN

MARISSA: She is 5-Second Guy’s sister, dressed in all black, who holds a wake for her recently deceased brother and is disgusted by how many children he apparently fathered. Marissa calls him “Johnny Bastardseed” …SUPPORTING

5-SECOND-GUY / RON GUZMAN: In his 30s-40s, this handsome but slimy guy has sex with a drunk, heartbroken Angela in a bar bathroom. As his name suggests, he doesn’t last long, and his nickname is “Johnny Bastardseed” …SUPPORTING. ..ALL ETHNICITIES

MRS. ROBINSON: This sophisticated wedding planner assumes that Gabriel and Angela are marrying each other, which makes them laugh hysterically. ..SUPPORTING

PRIEST: This priest lectures about the dangers of pre-marital sex, including “self-pleasure” , and runs a service to give people their purity back…SUPPORTING

NIKKI: In her late 20s-early 30s, she is Jefferson’s high-maintenance, longtime girlfriend and fiancee who loves to shop. When Angela slips Jefferson a goodbye note, Nikki intercepts it and reads it out loud…SUPPORTING

BARTENDER: This bartender is a friend / past paramour of Angela’s who hopes to get lucky with her while on break…MALE or FEMALE…U5

WAITRESS AND FEMALE STAFF: These women who work at a bar are familiar with 5-Second-Guy (and have their own derogatory names for him)…3 lines, 1 scene; and 3 lines, 1 scene, respectively

OLDER ANGELA: Seen in a “future sequence,” she is an old version of Angela who wears a dominatrix outfit for a dirty old man…1 line, 1 scene

RESTAURANT OWNER: During Angela and Jefferson’s romantic date, this restaurant owner tells Angela that Jefferson is running for city council…U5

GALLERY OWNER: The owner of the art gallery where Gabriel and Angela work, he or she is impressed by Angela’s new work…U5

HANDSOME GUY: He dances and makes out with Gabriel at a club…FEATURED

JULIET’S CHILDREN: These two well-behaved children are seen having dinner with parents, and lack personality. ..FEATURED. ..ASIAN-AMERICAN

DIRTY OLD MAN: In his 50s-60s, this naked, dirty old man appears as Angela imagines her future life as a single woman … she is a dominatrix standing over him … FEATURED

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