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Auditions for “A Christmas Carol”

Media Access Office and Gloria Castaneda, Inclusion Films, Corey Allen and Scott Krantz
Director: Corey Allen
Rehearsals start October 6 – Performances December 18, 19, 20, and 21
No Pay – Documentary and Equity Waiver
Starts 10/6/2008

This Production is Bringing the likes of the Media Access Office, Inclusion Films, and Corey Allen to bring forward the knowledge that Diversity is among us and a part of us all. It will be a Staged Production that is filmed as a Documentary by Inclusion Films.

The classic story of a man named Scrooge and the love of giving and receiving.


NARRATOR: All Ethnicities / All Ages
Loves to tell stories, especially to children.

EBENEZER SCROOGE: All Ethnicities / All Ages
An old man, angry at the world, especially for the bad things it has done to him, especially because he’s never understood them-wants to punish it and will never stop.

FRED: All Ethnicities / All Ages
Scrooge’s nephew; loves the world and tries always to share that love with everyone; especially Uncle Ebenezer.

DORA: All Ethnicities / All Ages
Fred’s wife, a round happy woman, adored by her happy family with enough warmth for everyone.

BOB CRATCHIT: All Ethnicities / All Ages
A hard-working, honest man who runs himself to continual exhaustion caring for his beloved family and staying always beyond the angry reach of his employer, Mr Scrooge. Cratchit is unable to understand the relentlessness of Scrooge’s threatning reach but always maintains a desperate breathless distance.

MRS. CRATCHIT: All Ethnicities / All Ages
An industrious, steadfast wife to Bob and mother to her brood, whose busily knitting fingers keep the Cratchit clothing barely in repair.

MARTHA CRATCHIT: All Ethnicities / All Ages
A healthy, happy young woman at the beginning of her career with which she hopes to help her family to sustain their courage through these dark times.

CRATCHIT CHILDREN: All Ethnicities / All Ages
Six children at one year intervals in their birth order who stand up bravely amidst their poor family’s struggle.

TIM CRATCHIT: All Ethnicities / All Ages
A wise lad of five years age whose clear vision and depth of soul provide the unfailing light that guides the merry steps of all who enjoy the warmth of the Cratchit family.

MARLEY’S GHOST: All Ethnicities / All Ages
Ghost of Marley, who is condemned to walk the earth until he has set right every moment of his life when, by a simple act of kindness, he might have relieved the pain of his fellow man.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: All Ethnicities / All Ages
Charged with the redemption of Scrooge and determined to achieve that in spite of any objections from the man himself.

BOY SCROOGE: All Ethnicities / All Ages
Struggling to bust loose from the mysteries of an unloved childhood.

GIRL FRAN: All Ethnicities / All Ages
The first love of Boy Scrooge, left to heal her whole life when she looses young Scrooge’s love, fast crumbling in the dark.

DICK WILLIKINS: All Ethnicities / All Ages
The best friend a schoolboy, or anyone else, could ever have.

OLD FEZZIWIG: All Ethnicities / All Ages
A child in his 70s who won’t let anybody forget how much fun that is.

MRS FEZZIWIG: All Ethnicities / All Ages
The Mrs. who shares all the delights her husband stirs up in the world.

THE MISSES FEZZIWIGS: All Ethnicities / All Ages
The Daughters of the Fessiwigs. The young Ms. Fezziwig’s which there are 2 or 3 and all unmarried.

BELLE: All Ethnicities / All Ages
A magnificent young matron who finds herself face to face with circumstances that have taken a tragic turn-she has lost the love of her life to the silent screams of greed.

ELDER DICK WILLIKINS: All Ethnicities / All Ages
The treasured best friend of Ebenezer’s youth, who has come to the present having salvaged the warm arms of love lost in Ebenezer’s heartless wandering.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: All Ethnicities / All Ages
Who, Like it or not, the way things have come to be, so may as well like it with a hearty laugh.

CHILD: All Ethnicities / All Ages
(YET ANOTHER) ONE, precocious in his early lead with the experience of loss.

CHILD TWO: All Ethnicities / All Ages
A happy abettor easily caught up in the mindless attempt to force the celebration where there just ain’t none.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE: All Ethnicities / All Ages
Full of foreboding, a fast starter among those bound to beat us.

1ST SOLICITOR: All Ethnicities / All Ages
Chief among the mourners, who has nothing else to do.

2ND SOLICITOR: Male or Female / All Ethnicities / All Ages
Second among the mourners, who must be fed.

JOE: Male or Female / All Ethnicities / All Ages
A raucous old rascal heading uproariously toward the brink and determined, with all he has left, to enjoy every stompin’ step o’ the way-so you’d better watch out.

MRS. DILBAR: Male or Female / All Ethnicities / All Ages
The mighty leader of the ‘Oundsditch Ladies Auxiliary’. So you’d all better watch out, ‘cuz old Dilbar don’t take no lip from nobody, while getting everything she wants & everything everybody else wants, too

SECOND WOMAN: Male or Female / All Ethnicities / All Ages
Every other woman, whose position the Second Woman to take from her-so every bloomin’ Lady of the ‘Oundsditch Auxiliary better watch out, too.

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