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Actors needed for the play “The Grapes of Wrath”

“THE GRAPES OF WRATH”, Knightsbridge Theater
AEA 99 Seat Plan
Director: Carolee Shoemaker
Rehearsals begin September 7
Opens October 25, 2008, plays Saturdays and Sundays through November 23.

Drama written by Frank Galati of the novel by John Steinbeck. Published by Dramatists Play Service.

The play is set in 1930’s Depression America about Oklahoma migrants coming to California. It shows the dignity of the human spirit and the courage people show in the face of hard times. Accents will be used, play is written in dialect. This is an ensemble piece with many actors playing many roles. Some ensemble members sing folk songs, some square dance, some fight with fists, clubs, guns.

NOTE: This production contains nudity.


MA: Female, 40’s-50’s. Strong, protective of her family, a survivor.

PA: Male, 40’s-50’s. Capable farmer shaken into loss and uncertainty by calamity.

ROSE OF SHARON: Female-late teens-20’s. Dreamy, self-involved, nervous over change and her pregnancy. NOTE: She bares a breast to nurse a starving man in the final scene.

TOM JOAD: Male, 20’s-30’s. Quiet man of conviction, torn between family unity and injustice

UNCLE JOHN: Male, 30’s-50’s. Kind, guilt-ridden, weak-willed.

AL JOAD: Male, late teens-early 20’s. Cocky girl-chaser, yearning for approval and recognition.

RUTHIE: Female, 8-12. Feisty, independent, lawless.

WINFIELD: Male, 8-12. Follower with a rugged streak.

JIM CASY: Male,30’s-50′ s. Ex-evangelical preacher, philosophical, dedicated.

CONNIE: Male, late teens-20’s. Married to Rose of Sharon. More talk than action, full of himself, afraid of the future.

NOAH JOAD: Male, 20’s-30’s. Quiet, hard worker, marches to his own drummer.

GRAMPA: Male, 50’s-60’s. Cantankerous, boisterous, argumentative.

GRANMA: Female, 50’s-60’s. Religious zealot, quarrelsome.

ENSEMBLE: Male and female, age 8-60’s to play multiple roles such as:

Al’s Girl(Jill)- female, teens-20’s. Frisky, possessive, proud

Camp Director – male, 30’s. Honest, friendly, upright, protective

Boy (Bill) – male, 8-12. Desperate, terrified

Aggie Wainwright – female, teens-20’s. Coy, simple, domestic

Elizabeth Sandry – female, 20’s-40’s. Domineering religious vigilante

Proprietor of road camp – male, 30’s-40’s. Self-satisfied, judgmental, strict

Floyd Knowles – male, 20’s-30’s. Upright, neighborly, courageous

Mayor of Hooverville – male, 30’s-40’s. Quarrelsome, aggressive wanderer.

Muley – male, 20’s-40’s. Stubborn, proud lost “ghost”

Mrs. Wainwright – female,20’s- 50’s. Envious, vigorous, full of energy.

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