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Actors needed for feature film “Raven”

“Raven” Feature Film, SAG Ultra Low Budget (Pending)
Writer: Aaron Pope
Director: Gregori J. Martin
Shoots February 2nd

STORY LINE: RAVEN is a sexy, alluring beauty, and the love of John Salem’s life, who has been seduced and turned into a vampire and now uses her sexuality as a weapon!


JOHN SALEM – MALE / 35 TO 45: Rough around the edges, dark, brooding, lost the love of his life to vampirism. Unclear as to whether he would kill her or kiss her if he found her again. LEAD.

STEVEN: MALE / 25 TO 30 / CAUCASIAN. Regular guy, lived his whole life in small desert town. Secretly wishes to be a part of something bigger. Becomes John Salem’s sidekick in effort to bring down Raven’s coven. LEAD.

LAZAR – MALE / 30 TO 40: Romanian, the most seductive man on the planet. An old-world vampire who can hypnotize and seduce any one he chooses. SUPPORTING.

WADE – MALE / 25 TO 35 / CAUCASIAN: Steven’s older brother. Cocky, jocular, local playboy. Loves the quest to pick up girls, loves to razz his little brother. Becomes a vampire. SUPPORTING.

WILLIAM – MALE / 35 TO 45 / 6’5″-8’0″: Arrogant, aggressive playboy. Both a lover and a fighter. Becomes a vampire. SUPPORTING

SANDRA – FEMALE / 21 TO 30 / CAUCASIAN: Attractive young woman. Might not stick out in bigger city but she’s the prettiest girl in this little town. Has a big heart, filled with love, even for those who don’t treat her right. Becomes a vampire. SUPPORTING.

BRICK – MALE / 21 TO 35: Works construction by day, plays a mean guitar by night. Enjoys the laidback lifestyle of the small town, figures a joint and a beer is just about as close to heaven as a man can get. SUPPORTING.

HELL’S ANGEL – MALE / 30 TO 50: Classic biker tough guy. DAY PLAYER

BIKER BITCH – FEMALE / 30 TO 50: Territorial girlfriend of Hell’s Angel. Bit of a skank now but she was probably a looker in her day. DAY PLAYER

LOU – MALE / 55 TO 70: Grizzled, weathered bartender. He’s seen it all but now all he wants to do is watch over his bar.

RICHARD – MALE / 25 TO 40: Unlucky drunk and gambler. Works construction with Brick, only wants to make a buck or two to afford a drink and a game at the local bar. DAY PLAYER

BARTENDER (LA) – MALE / 30 TO 40: Easily annoyed with the drunks who come into his bar looking to drown their sorrows. Suffers no fools. DAY PLAYER

TV REPORTER – MALE OR FEMALE / 30 TO 50: Classic television reporter. DAY PLAYER

KURT – MALE / 40 TO 50: Overweight trucker, likes to brag about sexual conquests, even if he has to pay for them. DAY PLAYER. GOOD CAMEO ROLE

DANNY – MALE / 40 TO 50: Trucker, just wants to eat a meal in peace. Wants no part of other truckers, waitresses, hookers, or vampire hunters. DAY PLAYER. GOOD CAMEO ROLE

WAITRESS – FEMALE / 40 TO 50: Would be pretty if her hair wasn’t so teased out and if she hadn’t put on a few pounds a year working this dead-end job. Just trying to make it through her shift. GUEST LEAD. GOOD CAMEO ROLE

STARLA – FEMALE / 21 TO 35: Trashiest girl at the party but thinks she’s the classiest. DAY PLAYER. GOOD CAMEO ROLE

VAMPIRE VLAD – MALE / 30 TO 50: European, strong, powerful. A worthy adversary. DAY PLAYER. GOOD CAMEO ROLE

BOUNTY HUNTERS – MALE OR FEMALE / 30 TO 50: Old-world tough vampire hunters. FEATURED

ROYAL WOMAN – FEMALE / 30 TO 50: Beautiful, busty, victim of a vampire attack. FEATURED

PRIEST – MALE / 50 TO 80: Classic Catholic priest. FEATURED

LAZAR’S VAMPIRE COVEN – MALE OR FEMALE / 18 TO 25: Goth kids turned vampires. Unlike other victims, these kids probably wanted to become vampires. FEATURED

FEATURED EXTRAS – MALE OR FEMALE / 18 TO 60: Bar patrons, party-goers, diner guests…FEATURED. Non-Union Only – No Pay.

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