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Accepting submissions from union/non-union actors for “Comedic Musical”

“Comedic Musical”, Movie for Television
Director: Neema Barnette, Writers: The Three Wise Men
Shoots January 19th- January 31st in Los Angeles. Performance before a live audience in South Carolina Feb. 6 and 7th.
Pay Negotiated


Accepting submissions from Union (SAG & AFTRA) as well as NON-UNION.

KEMUEL ANDERSON: 30s. African American. Hero and protagonist. Must be able to sing. Sentenced to 10 to 25 years. When the story opens he is serving his tenth year in prison and is denied parole. Escaping prison, his life changes as he meets a new woman and a church congregation that will change his life.

TIFFANY SCOTT: 30s. African American. The story’s love interest. Must be able to sing. Tiffany is a beautiful young woman with a very beautiful voice. Her father was the late great minister C. L. Scott who upon his death bequeathed her title to his beloved First Greater Saint New Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church and the valuable land it sets upon. By the time our story opens Tiffany has just about decided to quit waiting for the restoration of the church and move on with her life.

BIG BILL HEROD: 40s. African American. Fiancé of Tiffany with a series of high priced high-end hotels. Big Bill is a proud pompous businessman who has big plans for Third Ward. He has brought all the land up around the old broke down church… And the only thing that stands in his way is the old church and the twenty acre track of land that it sets upon.

SISTER BETTY JENKINS: 60s. African American. Prefer Male Comedian who can do drag. An old black matriarch of FIRST GREATER SAINT NEW MOUNT PILGRIM BAPTIST CHURCH who died twenty-five years ago but doesn’t realize it or better yet has just simply refused delivery of the bad news. She and her two friends haunt the old sanctuary of the church.

SISTER CORA MILLIGAN: 60s. African American. Must be able to sing and play piano. The old piano player at First Greater Saint New Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church and keeper of the church records is a proverbial expert on its history or so she thinks. The truth is that what she doesn’t know… (Which is a lot.) Cora makes up… She often irritates Sister Betty when she tries to play that new sin music during the Betty’s reading of the church announcements! Sister Cora stroked out fourteen years ago while playing “Blessed Assurance” for the Easter alter call!

SISTER VIOLA MORRIS: 60s. African American. Must be able to sing. The faithful pessimist who headed the First Greater Saint New Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church Choir. She suffers from a mild form of dementia and she’s damn near blind. Sister Viola has forgotten more than she knows… But she can still blow… Sister Viola died thirteen years ago when she was clocked by a very tipsy Deacon A.J. Sweeny who was on his way out of the church parking lot after he had Wednesday night service… He had partaken of a little too much fruit of the vine during a reenactment of the Last Supper. Sister Viola is also in charge of the ongoing building fund.

WARDEN PJ SILAS: 60s, Any nationality. Silas will be the correctional officer in charge of the Jester Unit – Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Silas will recommend that the Texas Pardon and Parole board turn down Kemuel’s petition for parole because he does not really believe Kemuel has changed within.

LIL’ DARRYL: African American. The retarded prison guard and ally of Warden Silas.

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