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Dallas, TX Casting Calls: Seeking actors for web series “Throwing Stones”

Throwing Stones is a 5-part web series based on the feature-length screenplay of the same name by writers/producers Bart D. Van Bemmel and Jason A. Wheeler and actor/producers Cherami Leigh and Rebekah Kennedy.

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Logline: A group of high schoolers are given Saturday School to teach them a lesson -but they learn that there’s a killer waiting for them!

Tagline: It takes a mere pebble to break a window…not someone throwing stones.

Synopsis: When a group of high schoolers have to attend Saturday School they must work together to overcome their differences in over to survive when students end up missing.

Throwing Stones the web series will be filmed Monday August 2nd, Tuesday August 3rd, and Wednesday August 3rd from the hours of 2 PM – 9 PM each day.

This is a non-paid shoot produced by writers/producers Bart. D. Van Bemmel, Jason A. Wheeler & actor/producers Cherami Leigh and Rebekah Kennedy.

Casting will take place in Carrollton at a disclosed location on Thursday July 22nd between 2:30 PM – 6 PM.

We are looking to CAST the following the roles: *Note: ALL roles we are looking for must be at least 18 years of age and must look like they could be in high school.

TAD – the Jesus Crispy homosexual

DONTRELLE – the Black football star: must be strong enough to carry an actor in a particular scene.

DAVID – the Wannabe: must be smaller in height and weight

RACHEL – is the FIRST actor we see in the web series. She carries the weight of the entire first episode on her shoulders.

DULCE – a cute Mexican teen: This role is similar to Rachel’s role. The first episode falls on their shoulders.

If this is something you are interested in, then please do the following:

– Contact us via submission form below
– Include a current photo
– Resume

Also note: Everyone who reads for one of these roles will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to avoid spoilers.

Throwing Stones currently stars:

– Actor/Producer Cherami Leigh as “Robyn”. Cherami is known for her work in HBO’s Temple Grandin, Fast Food Nation, Beyond the Farthest Star, The Mist, and numerous animated television series such at Soul Eater, Ghost Hunt, Witch Blade, and more.

– Actor/Producer Rebekah Kennedy as “Chrissy”. Rebekah is known for her role as “Rachel” in three-time Oscar winner Alan Chan’s Reach for the Sky, her upcoming features House Hunting, The Highschooler’s Guide to College Parties, Lock Jaw, and more.

– Actor/Composer Chad Cox as “Mr. Beckett”. Chad is known for both his acting roles and composing film and TV scores. Chad is known for his guest spots on TV shows such as the new Fox hit “The Good Guys,” “ER,” “7th Heaven, “Spin City,” and the feature film Powder. As a composer his work has been heard on the Food Network, arranged/p erformed music for Universal Picture’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas TV trailers, and is currently attached to Butterscotch the feature film that is currently in development starring Lindy Booth, Debra Jo Rupp, Corbin Bernsen, and Jason Priestly. Director Jon Keeyes is also attached. Chad will also be scoring Throwing Stones the web series.

– Writers Bart D. Van Bemmel and Jason A. Wheeler have five feature-length screenplays including their dark comedies BUTTERSCOTCH, SWISHER, ANGELS AND DUST, their comedy RUSHED, and their teen horror THROWING STONES (which this web series is based on). Butterscotch the feature film is currently in development starring Lindy Booth, Debra Jo Rupp, Corbin Bernsen, and Jason Priestly. Director Jon Keeyes is also attached. Butterscotch the short film (which the feature film is based) just finished it’s successful festival run, and their latest short Virgin Mary Christmas is gearing up for the festival circuit by the end of summer. They are currently managed by Vamnation Entertainment.






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