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Dallas, TX Casting Calls: Dallas-based performance collective announces auditions for “Blahblah”

Dead White Zombies a recently formed, Dallas-based performance collective announces auditions for…


World premiere performance written and directed by Thomas Riccio

Presented in collaboration with Project X

Auditions are 1:00 to 5:00 pm on Sunday, February 13 @ Project X, The Green Zone, 161 River Edge Drive, Dallas, 75207. For a map and directions:

Contact the producer, Lori McCarty to schedule a time and arrange for sides and monologues for the play.

For more info on Dead White Zombies www.deadwhitezombies.com



Karl and Joyce, a young man and woman are having difficulty relating. They take an innocent walk into the twilight of suburban America to find the doorway to a Mac Mansion open. Beckoned by magical birds they enter into a house only to become lost in a surrealistic labyrinth of rooms full of dreams, memories, truths, horrors, fantasies, and forgetfulness. They see what and whom they need to see, manifesting ghosts of self, real, and imagined. Gustav, an epicurean and dilettante with European breeding, and Simone, an American celebrity of some sort, are the tour guides of their psyche. But it is Jason, a maladjusted teen, who holds secrets and documents everything, knows there is a basement and how to talk to mystical The Birthday Man, who knows the answers we already know but forgot. Armand, an Amish party animal, and Coco, the sex crazed coat check girl, morph and transform into others to push Karl and Joyce to their cosmic-comic transcendence. (Adult Content)

Rehearsals will begin on 21 March and the show will run four weekends (Thursday-Friday-Saturday) 5 May to 29 May with performances on Thursday evenings @ 7:30, Friday and Saturday evenings @ 8:00 pm at the Green Zone.

Actors will be assigned cold readings from the script and will also have the option to present their own prepared comic and/or dramatic monologues. Non-Equity only.

Characters 4m/3f

KARL, late 20s to early 30s
JOYCE, 20’s
JASON, a lost boy, a teenager 15-19 yrs old
SIMONE, a celebrity of some sort, 20s-40s
GUSTAV, an Austrian Baron, late 20s-70s

Played by one female performer:
COCO, a party and coat check girl, 20s
PIA, a videographer, 20s-30s
VIVIAN, an investigator, 20s
TYLER, voice over, JASON’S girlfriend

Played by one male performer:
ARMAND, an Amish party animal and gadfly, 20s
PAUL, an investigator, 20s
THE MONSTER, who knows how old?
THE BIRTHDAY MAN, a mystic, wears feathers, ageless

Casting Calls Categories: Theater Casting Calls / Non-union Casting Calls / Teen Actors Casting Calls
Audition Date: February 13, 2011
Project: blah blah
Location: Dallas, Texas

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