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Casting Call for non-union indie film “Sideline Confessions” – Dallas, TX

Casting Call Details:
Project: “Sideline Confessions”
Casting Calls Category: Indie/Non-Union
Location: Dallas, TX
Audition Dates: Oct 5/6
Pay: Deferred

Sideline Confessions is a gritty romantic drama set in the world of professional football and follows the life of successful marketing executive Candy Boudreaux as she pursues star football player Eric Whitaker; only to find out that landing him will be one of her toughest campaigns yet. The tasks becomes increasingly difficult when she becomes intertwined into the unknown sports world of parties, blackmail and sexual games she will have to play, in order to be with the man of her dreams.


Lead, female, 30-35 years old, African American, 5”5’ – 5”8’, fair complexion, very sexy – she is a beautiful, gorgeous, independent and a successful business woman who has everything going for her. She is well-educated and ready to settle down; but only if she can settle down with Eric; the star football player on the team.

Lead, male, 30-33 years old, African American, 6”3’, very athletic build – Eric, plays wide receiver and is strikingly handsome with chocolate skin tone – he is very arrogant and egotistical, and extremely confident when it comes to women. Considered by most an all-pro player, but his attitude on and off-the-field always seems to get him into trouble; whether it be with the coaching staff, teammates or the variety of women he dates.

Supporting, male, 40-45 years old, African American, 6”2’, athletic type, he is a retired football player who was very popular back in his playing days – he is Candy’s best guy friend and somewhat ‘protective’ of her. Owns a local sports bar where he offers her a position; but his motives are not what you think they are.

Supporting, male, 27-30 years old, African American, 6”2’, nicely built, he is the other starting wide receiver on the team, playing opposite Eric. He is a hot commodity where women are concerned. But something doesn’t sit right with him, because he has been known to hang out in some suspicious areas where he shouldn’t be seen.

(DAVID ‘Twinky’ LEE)
Supporting, male, 25-29 years old, Asian, 5”5- 5”9’, thin build, he is Candy’s very flamboyant and over-the-top GAY assistant, who is her number supporter; whether it’s at the office or getting the man of her dreams. He’s in the ‘know’ with all the gossip about the players and knows a very ‘dark’ secret about one of the players that could damage his career.

Supporting, male, 24-27 years old, African American, 5”10’, stocky build, he is the starting running back for the team, who is in his rookie season. A talented player, he becomes increasingly cocky due to his high paying endorsements, and the love the women have for him, which will eventually become and off-the-field nightmare for him.

Female, 28-32 years old, Bi-Racial, 5”10’, she is a seductress, flirtatious, gorgeous model-type who loves athletes. She wants and needs to be the center of attention where all athletes are concerned – will do anything to be seen with who she feels is ‘Mr. Right’ at that particular moment and doesn’t care how and who she hurts to get who she wants.

female, 60-65, African American, attractive/older, she is Eric’s mother, a very mild-mannered, caring and sophisticated woman until you cross her and her son. She has a ‘whatever-it-takes’ attitude to keep her son on the right track and to steer away all women because she believes no one is good enough to be with her son.

male, 30-34 years old, Caucasian, 6”4’, athletic build.

(WOMAN 1 & 2)
TWINS, female, 47-55, older (cougar type) best friends, extremely sexy, outgoing women looking for a ‘good time’ with younger sexy ball players.

male, 26-29, Caucasian, Athletic build, 6“0’, linebacker type.

male, 55- 60 years old.

male, 24-28, Caucasian, inexperienced public relations assistant.

male, 28-31, Latino, 5”10”, medium frame – happy-go-lucky kicker for the team, loves to party.

male, 13-16, Student in the gym scene.

Submit your headshot, resume/bio and reel (if available) no later than September 30th.

Casting Calls Categories: Non-union Casting Calls / Independent Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: October 5th / October 6th
Project: Sideline Confessions
Location: Dallas, Texas

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