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Casting Call for 2-Minute Narrative Film “A Father’s Hate” – Arlington, TX

Casting Call Details:
I am an intro film student at the University of Texas at Arlington, and I am holding e-auditions for my 2-minute narrative film, A Father’s Hate (Rough Title), a story about a gay teen who, driven semi-insane by the pressure of his religious parents to be straight, murders his boyfriend.

E-auditions: If you are interested in any of the following roles, please submit the following to me with “First name Last name E-Audition” in the subject line: Times of availability from 10/13 – 10/18, a headshot & full body shot (professional is preferred, but any will do), film resume (optional), any samples of previous work in film as applicable to this audition (Maximum 15 minutes of footage per audition), and/or a short character recording as specified for each role listed. Keep in mind that since there will be no dialogue in the film, the main focus of the character recordings is to get a sense of your physical acting skills – that is, how you can portray emotion through body language and facial expression. However, you are welcome to include dialogue in your recording if it helps you. NOTE: If you choose to audition you MUST have flexible and reliable transportation to downtown Arlington, TX. Also, staged hand-to-hand combat experience is preferred, though not required.

Rehearsals/Shoot: Will take place between Monday, 10/13 and Saturday, 10/18 depending upon actors’ schedules.

Compensation: A DVD of the final edited product; Food provided during rehearsal/shoot.


JASON (Protagonist)
Age 16 – 20
Any Ethnicity
A gay teen who is insecure, and somewhat in denial, about his sexuality. Emotionally sensitive, but puts up a tough front. He wants to fit in and please his parents.
***Must be willing to participate in short gay kissing scene for the purposes of the film.
Character recording: 1-2 minute clip of yourself expressing depression/insecurity, followed by anger pre-murder.

Age 16 – 20
Any Ethnicity
A laid back, down-to-earth sort of guy. Still in the closet, but comfortable with himself and his sexuality. He has no reservations about his love for Jason.
***Must be willing to participate in short gay kissing scene for the purposes of the film.
Character recording: 1-2 minute clip of yourself expressing surprise (that someone you know has appeared in your room unannounced in the middle of the night), followed by the deepest of romantic love, followed by fear for your life.

Age 40 – 50
A devout Christian and preacher, and very passionate about his work. He believes that his son is going through a negative phase, and that with proper discipline he can lead Jason to the right path.
Character recording: 1-2 minute clip of yourself expressing contentedness in life and work, followed by outrage (That your son is dressing up like a girl), followed by strict disciplinarianism.

Casting Calls Categories: Short Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: n/a
Project: 2-Minute Narrative Film
Casting Call Location: Arlington, TX

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