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Boy and Adult Actors Needed for Short Film – Dallas, TX

Casting Call Details:
Project: Boy and Adult Actors Needed, Pay
Location: Dallas, TX

ADAM– This kid needs to be fierce. Not afraid to get dirty. Has skinned his knees a few times in his life. Won’t duck if someone throws a football his way. If this kid is in aggressive sports—football, wrestling, karate—even better. Likes intense music. If any of this applies, he might be a great match. This is the sort of role that a kid is going to have a blast playing. Needs to look between 9-12.

DOUG– Needs to look between the ages of 18-22. College-aged. This actor needs to be believable as a responsible, level-headed person who had to grow up too fast. He would be the young, male equivalent of Dana Scully from the X-files. Calm, rational, smart, good-hearted. He loves his brother very much.

RYAN–Needs to look between 18-25. Older brother of second character. He has severe mental illness. VERY IMPORTANT: The actor for this part must understand that it cannot be played over-the-top. He is not Annie Wilkes from Misery. He is just severely mentally ill. He believes that he is seeing things that do not exist and he is terrified. He is also desperate to prove to someone that what he seeing is real.

This is a short film that will be filmed in Dallas. Pay and lunch provided.

Casting Calls Categories: Short Film Casting Calls / Paid Roles Casting Calls / Young Actors Casting Calls
Audition Date: To Be Determined
Project: Boy and Adult Actors Needed
Casting Call Location: Dallas, Texas

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