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Casting Call for Short Film “The Hard Scene” – Santa Clara, CA

Casting Call Details:
Office Supply Pictures, the leading tiniest film production company you’ve never heard of, is casting our first short film in nearly 5 years – The Hard Scene! This is the story of an actress dedicated to her craft, a director who just wants to get it in the can, an actor who is just reacting naturally, a crew who just stands there, and the story they’re trying to tell. This four minute miniature look at what can, and too often does, go wrong will shoot this January in Mountain View.

We’re looking for…

1) Casia, the Actress. She’s young, a bit high-strung, and too tired for another take. This role does require brief nudity and the ability to handle being in a bustier.
2) James, the Director. He’s been beaten down and this is the final moment when he just has to get it all finished.
3) Ryan, the Actor. Basically, he sits in a chair, says a couple of words and just reacts to what’s out there the best he can.

We’re also looking for extras to play a film crew.

Casting Calls Categories: Short Film Casting Calls / Extras Casting Calls
Audition Date: November 29th-December 2nd
Project: The Hard Scene
Casting Call Location: Santa Clara, CA

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